Friday, February 6, 2015

Hey! You got Brian Williams in my Obama!

I'll get outraged at NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams and call for his job just as soon as our glorious leader follows suit and issues an apology and steps down his.

OBAMA: Good morning. Yesterday at the National Prayer Breakfast, in my effort to give all praise and honor to Allah, I made a mistake in recalling the events of 800 years ago. . . . I "misremembered"  and I want to apologize. In fact, I've been making sh#(blog edit) up since before the 2008 campaign. It's what I do. 

This was a bungled attempt by me to draw moral equivalence between those freedom fighter ISIS folks and those racists who have acted stupidly in following some Jew carpenter some 2,000 plus years later. I hope those bitter clingers know they have my greatest indifference, and also now my insincere apology.


  1. I've misremembered a few things during my life. I blame those occurrences on alcohol.

    I doubt that's Obama's problem, but I could be wrong. I've seen drunk crane operators appear sober, make huge lifts without problems, and provide needed spiked coffee on cold winter days.

  2. cube, He still has me torqued. Everyone has moved on to the next story in the cycle, but is anyone really surprised they were lied to by a news reader? This president needs to lose his job.

    Jess, Whoa. I'd keep my distance from a drunk crane operators. Well, unless they had my special ordered coffee.

  3. Cube, I don't know if you saw Star Parker's take on it.

  4. Ed, Interesting Star Parker article: "President Obama stole a moment in time from us." Now THERE is an understatement. I get her meaning, though. Thanks for sharing.