Thursday, February 5, 2015

Obama and Dalai Lama star in: The National Prayer Breakfast Club

The question on the green lipstick lips of the media seems to be, "will Obama and the Dalai Lama interact during the National Prayer Breakfast taking place this morning?"

I have other questions regarding this breakfast, and I demand to have them answered immediately.

First, I must admit I am for the separation of church prayer and State breakfast, especially with this president of questionable religious faith. For me, it's not really "breakfast" if there is no bacon in attendance. While I was not sent the menu in advance (which is an obamanation in itself), I highly doubt this mouth-watering breakfast staple will be making an appearance.

Secondly, I just assume that obama now takes his breakfast in a bathtub filled with Cocoa Puffs and 70 gallons of 2% milk ever since his interview with GloZell Green last month.
 Just how big is his bathtub, and how many international religious leaders can it hold? Are Islamic extremists invited, and if so, are there enough fire extinguishers on hand?

Give to Caesar what is Caesar's. Especially if its his yellow rubber ducky bath toy.


  1. You are right about the fact that there will be NO BACON.

    As for the cereal bath, it's Fruit Loops not Cocoa Puffs... I hope this isn't some veiled racist reference on your part ;) GoZell and Obola would notice something like this. Just saying...

  2. I can't believe someone else knows the PAST YOUR EYES joke :-) That's an OLDIE but GOODIE.

    Jerry, this speech this morning at the Prayer Bkfst maybe bugged me more than ANY speech Obama's EVER MADE, and that is going some.
    We're talking about it at geeeZ and I hope you chime in....Did YOU know CHristians started slavery and Jim Crow? :-) Obama did! (WHAT?)

  3. cube, Fruit Loops it is. My bath of choice would include Cap'n Crunch. I think I must have had the Cocoa Puffs on my mind ever since your post regarding the random text generator.

    Hey! Maybe the random text generator is responsible for obama's "prayer" speech. What are the odds of that, and how many monkeys at a typewriter would it take? AND NO that is not another latent racist reference :)

    Z, I have been known to recycle old jokes here but I am forgetful so they always make me laugh again.

    And I encourage anyone who stumbled here to read your post and comments on this topic Z. I believe it is a microcosm of the pent-up fury across this nation with like-minded people of true faith. Shake the bottle enough and the cork wil pop.

  4. I think it takes 12 monkeys to randomly generate an Obola speech. It always takes 12 monkeys ;)