Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Local Cowboy confused by McDonald’s new ad campaign, Pay With Lovin'

McDonalds unveiled their new ad campaign with a commercial spot during The Super Bowl. From Super Bowl Sunday through Valentine's Day, McDonald's will be accepting expressions of affection as payment for food. Well, THAT certainly is open to interpretation.

Randomly selected patrons of this fast food chain will be asked to pay for their order with family hugs, high-fives and phone calls to mom.

Here is some free unsolicited advice, and this blog won't even make you perform a silly dance for it. 

When one considers that a Big Mac contains 75 mg of cholesterol, 1,040 mg of sodium and 29 grams of fat, the American Heart Association STRONGLY SUGGESTS you hug all your loved ones (and to make sure all of your affairs are in order) before consuming.

and that's the memo. And now for today's top story:
Naked cowboy on I-75 not likely to be charged

Police said the 53-year-old Bloomfield Hills man may have been suffering from a mental delirium episode when he stripped and walked against traffic, wearing only a cowboy hat, through a snowstorm just before noon Sunday on I-75 in Auburn Hills.


  1. I don't usually "LOL", but THAT cracked me up Ed. How did you know what I was thinking!!!?