Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Underground Beer Pipeline - One Giant Leap For Mankind

With the explosion of fake news stories all over the place, I'm really a 'spectacle' (but hopeful) about the following story's trooofiness:

There's a 2-mile pipeline running under the city of Bruges, and it's filled with beer
Bruges is a medieval city and millions of tourists pass through each year, crowding the narrow streets and making transporting the beer from the brewery to the bottling plant very difficult, according to CNN Money.

The solution? A pipeline that flows underground from the brewery to the bottling plant. There, it finishes its second fermentation before being bottled. It's believed this is the first legal beer pipeline, and it's been designed to keep the quality of the beer in mind.

Hmmm... Having lived in and around the City of Flint all my life, my brain is so sodden with poisonous lead deposits that my gray matter likely resembles a 10 lb. tip of a giant #2 pencil. But if this is true?   If BEER can be transported in UNDERGROUND LINES and arrive at it's destination UNCONTAMINATED? Maybe.... JUST MAYBE this advanced technology could be used for the dispersal of safe WATER to homes?

NAH... that's just a pipe dream.

ANd nOw tHiS:
The 12th century French philosopher Bernard of Chartes is attributed with the famous quote, “We are like dwarves perched on the shoulders of giants, and thus we are able to see more and farther than the latter.”

But it is this century's great American philosopher Homer Simpson who said, "Mmmm, beeer!"

I have no idea what Bernard was charting about, but I am picking up what that Homer fella is laying down. This beer pipeline in Bruges is 2 miles long, but it is only 100 feet from my garage refrigerator to poolside in the back yard at the Chattering Teeth Bunker. I should have this trenched out by the July 4th holiday, and then... Mmmmm, beer. Hey! Who invited the dwarves?

Happy 4th of July!


  1. With all the worries about city water supplies, maybe the answer to the problem is for cities to start making beer, and piping it into homes. Since beer has alcohol, the threat of bacterial infection is reduced. The heavy metals might be an issue, but I could have another beer, straight from the tap, while I pondered the solution.

  2. And I gave up drinking beer... oy! Can we talk about a vodka pipeline?

  3. Happy 4th !!!

    Cube, yes, but not Russian Vodka. You know how that upsets the dems.

  4. Jess, "another beer" is always helpful when pondering. The problem is that around these parts, we like ours out of a 40 and in a brown bag.

    Ed, I'm saving Labatts Blue cans to fund his idea.

    cube, I believe it is pronounced, "w-a-d-k-a" , at least according to my therapy-pet squirrel, Checkov.

    Kid, Checkov agrees, and says you can stop a dem from bitching if you aim for the throat.

  5. pina colada please!!! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY !!!! BIG HUGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! xoxoxox

  6. Slacker! Post something! Amuse me!

  7. Ha! Of the wife runs out of home repairs... did i mention how much i love plumbing?

  8. As long as comrade Checkov is paying, I'll help him drink the "w-a-d-k-a".