Monday, October 30, 2017


Green Tea Kit Kat Bar [here] - One of the more popular flavors in Japan.
*Appears this was made in Chernobyl. Kids, I recommend letting it steep for 7 full minutes.

Swedish Fish Minis, Soft & Chewy Gummy Candy [here] - They taste like fruit, not like fish. Get some now and share them with friends.
*But ARE they fish? Nothing says "candy" like a good 'ol carp chew.

Bigfoot Ballz Sour Candy - Mystery Flavor Balls [here] -Mystery-licious Flavor - 100% Mysterious like Bigfoot! …Relax …nothing weird. Seriously, they’re fruity & delicious.

Larvets Worm Snax - [here] "Don't want to hand out candy? For the most brave among your students, try Larvets. These edible, farm-raised larva are Bar-B-Que, Cheddar Cheese, or Mexican Spice flavored. With only nine calories per serving, these genuine farm-raised edible insects will be a real hit. An unforgettable way to begin a food science or health unit. These dried, delicious treats are great fun. Some of our students describe the taste and crunch as similar to popcorn."

*Bug Zappitty Delicious! The bucket o' worms are in a bowl on the porch, kids. Just one handful! Don't be greedy!


  1. And people complain about candy corn?

  2. I dunno. I'd have to be real hungry to eat those things. I imagine a half-starving contestant on that show 'Alone' turning over a rock and finding a squirming and slimy grub next to candy corn in a sealed ziplock bag. What does he go for? It's an interesting hypothetical. Maybe he goes for the candy corn immediately, and saves the grub for last... in order to wash the taste out from his mouth...

  3. Ed plus 1000!!! EWWWW
    (I love candy corn but can only eat a few...too sweet!)

  4. Z, I can't get over the fact they look like Hillary toe corns.