Tuesday, December 26, 2017

December the 26th, CORRECT!

It's back to work, gang. Please support our sponsors. Hope your Christmas was a merry one!

Balthasar's Bed, Bath & Beyond
Stop in to see B at B3s for this week's special on essential oils, exfoliates and Myrrh bubble bath for 20% off!

Melchior's Jeweler's
Are those holiday bills now coming due and you find yourself coming up short? Well don't suffer from buyer's remorse! We buy your gold! Highest Price Paid in the East!

Gasper's Gifts 
Insense, peppermints, Frankincense, tee shirts, body jewelry, skate boards and accessories for all your vaping needs.


  1. We're getting very light on Myrrh here. Any ideas ?

  2. Mr. Kid, you may find a boxed set of spritz, with the bubble bath and after shave cologne in myrrh scent. Just send B an email order and turn on your porch light.