Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day 2018

Yesterday, July 3rd is Koda's birthday, and this was the sad yet hilarious post by one of my daughter-in-laws. Koda used to live with us before our middle son got married but some things never change. Kind of reminds of the Ace Ventura shower scene when Ace realizes Finkel is Einhorn.

This movie is of course one of my 50 top 10 movies of all time. In it, Ace is tasked with finding the Miami Dolphin's mascot dolphin named Snowflake. Coincidentally, Ace is assuming the position that all snowflakes assume when President DJT takes to his Twitter feed or when the national anthem plays before a ball game.

Happy Independence Day, stay safe and remember to respect your pets and pet detectives hygiene practices during the show.


  1. I'm sorry about poor Koda. Our neighborhood is very loud with fireworks so I can empathize.
    One year our German Shepherd and our dog niece, a Pit Bull, both ran for refuge into our daughter's room and somehow managed to knock over her white erase board just under the door knob. It took a lot of human ingenuity to open the door without damaging it. These two large and scary-looking dogs were just plain scared and cowering together.

    We never heard of a Thunder Shirt until it was to late for our girl. You might want to look it up online.

  2. Happy 4th of July, Jerry! I hope you're having a good day......and I hope that guy in the shower washes off some of his anti Americanism and finds no way to hide from the patriotism this day emphasizes!
    And may all the dogs who have to hear fireworks tonight be assured it WILL STOP!!

  3. DaBade, could you not find a more attractive female to pose naked in the bathtub? Well, at least she doesn't look like she resides in Cincinnati..... That would have required another 237 lbs and lots of tattoos.

    May all animal abusers die of a massive stroke immediately. Immediately.

  4. Z: The guy in the shower has made it clear that he doesn't want my green money funding his looney toon notitions. He is welcome to make a living elsewhere.

  5. cube, omg! Did the dogs eventually figure out they had to hammer out the hinge pins from their side? WAIT! Don't tell me. That is how I am just going to assume that story ended. Funny!

    Z, Koda's fine now. Once a year this happens. Sort of like me on tax day.

    Kid, lol on the tattoos :)

    cube, yes another sad case of hollywood goofballism. Love those movies though.

  6. There was no explaining the whole hinge pin thing to them and my "door expert" husband had to break down the door. It was right out of NYPD Blues and the dogs looked like innocent babes in the woods when it happened.