Thursday, April 11, 2019

I love the pro-life generation

Very proud of my 'baby' boy 'JC' who graduates from Ave Maria University at the end of this year. Pictured here, front row kneeling and second from the right, accompanied by a group of fellow pro-life students praying for the souls of the unborn babies outside a Planned Parenthood butcher shop somewhere near Naples, Florida it appears. 

Which begs the question - what DO you call a group of pro-life students? A herd? A flock? A litter? I know it's not a murder (that's reserved for crows and democrats)... I'll just call them "hope for the future".

I sure do love this Catholic bubble in southern Florida.


  1. The movement seems to be gaining momentum. The gov of Ohio signed the heartbeat bill today. The vermin will have to go elsewhere to kill the little ones with a beating heart. A plither of other states are doing similar things.

    The left simply needs their own country. Secede them 6 or 7 states in the NorthEast, then a smalish section of California around san fran, wall them in and tell them don't call us if you need anything. I expect them to turn into hellholes within a few months.

    The commies left in the blue states will deport themselves because we won't be paying to sit home smoking weed and breeding or trying to figure out what gender they are.

  2. I'm trying to figure out what you photoshopped this time.
    The Unplanned Generation.
    Good on yer progeny!

  3. Kid, I read that about Ohio!Awesome stuff and is gaining momentum. as for setting up the libs with their own land to ruin, I say we re-patriot all of the continental U.S. and send them to the big island of Hawaii (volcano side) via a great trebuchet one at a time by baiting it with a free college coupon. We keep Alaska too.

    Ed, Haha! I pulled a fast one on ya! Thanks. World of diff between Ave Maria and the fake Notre Dame. I'm now out of kids but I would never send another to South Bend (unless they wanted to be an RV salesman).