Sunday, May 5, 2019

"Creepy Joe" disqualified for awkward Kiss in 2019 Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby history was made Saturday at Churchill Downs in Louisville. 

Chattering Teeth News - Maximum Security was undefeated and led wire-to-wire in this year's Kentucky Derby, crossing the finish line in first by almost two lengths. However, the celebration was short lived as the horse was disqualified after race officials noticed Maximum Security's jockey  "Creepy Joe" interfering with the other horses and their mounts, saddling up close to them and rubbing their shoulders or smelling their manes. The track was a sloppy one to begin with, and wasn't helped by Creepy Joe's sloppy and awkward kisses.

Why this horse's owner and trainers selected Creepy Joe to ride their prized steed remains a mystery. Creepy Joe has been a notoriously slow, sleepy and low energy partner who suffers from a career of foot-in-mouth disease. There is talk amongst the handlers to make a jockey change for the Preakness Stakes, and Pokehontas seems to be ahead in the race for this gig by a large nose.