Monday, May 27, 2019

Nancy Pelosi orders a Triple Martini

The DNC just tweeted a video montage of Nancy Pelosi that was heavily edited to the point where it appeared she had a string of coherent thoughts. The video was so heavily doctored that even her denture slippages and spittle spray were photo shopped out of each frame. It was apparently created in response to this Trump Tweet:


In other news...
The man poised to be the next British leader has hair styled by passing tornado.

And how could we forget... Memorial Days Past:
(2015) Obama's bizarre Memorial Day climate change speech at Arlington National Cemetery

(2016) From the First Family Dogs, Sunny and Bo, to all of you... Happy Memorial Day!

(2017) North Korea Launches skinless Beef Hot Dog


  1. Ahhh, memories.
    Nancy loses track after her 30th drink.

  2. Thank you to all you lefties for exposing yourselves so thoroughly as partisans without honor, or concern, or care for your country. Ideologues who would throw away the very protections of our country the very concept of equal protection under the law in your blind partisanship.
    You are the lowest of the low, without principle, and a very real danger to the well being of this country.
    Politics as we know it today certainly may be brutal, but it doesn't have to be pointlessly rude, nasty, vulgar and blind to the oppositions point of view
    We should be able to disagree vehemently without resorting to insult, calumny. libellous assertions, name calling, and the rudeness to the current President, and try to impugn our opponents' motivation and character..

    I saddens me that few-if-any of you Progressives seem able to appreciate the aspects of much of what is going on.
    The psychological projection of the left is stunning, and their reliance on pathos, to the exclusion of ethos and logos is, well, pathetic!

    President Trump could cure Cancer, and still you lefties would find fault in that! You would complain that he’s putting the Doctors out of business, for crying out loud.

    No, the liberals don't care about the Boarders no doubt. Most certainly you Progressives don't. But if your GOD Obama was in the very same position , you would be complaining that we aren’t dong enough. .

    Good Americans, like Franco, and many others on these boards do care!
    Again Franco, or Mr. FreeThinke, I congratulate you for so thoroughly categorizing the left and for stating it so cogently and eloquently

    By exposing your true nature, any decent human being among my countrymen have turned from you and your ilk in disgust and revulsion.
    I for one am glad that your ugly mask has finally come off

  3. All, well maybe I shouldn’t say “ALL” but I’ll say most Liberals are Liars and cheats. That really is just the plain and ugly truth. As for the identity of George Whatshisname, who really gives a damn? I really actually thought that it was all done for fun. And to be honest, I still think that. But regardless if is is or not, who cares? Why is this such an issue? There are such really important issues that we should be discussing about the future of America. And instead Ms. Shaw comes here with this Bull-Shit? It’s really hard to believe that so much time is wasted in this crap.
    Obama is NOW says Obamacare is the law of the land . What has happen to all his other rhetoric like race relations, Gun Controls, Slavery, Abortion, , women's rights, Gay marriage, George Zimmerman, and all those other things that Obama put on the front burner to avoid speaking about BENGHAZI, and to keep BENGHAZI out of the headlines! . So ,do you libs want to go back and make Obamacare the law of the land? in history. I surely don’t.

    Ms. Shaw definitely has a problem, or two, or three, and perhaps more than that.
    Just for kicks, I clicked on her blog to view her history of posts. My oh My, she must have swallowed a whole case of Kool-Aid, and then ate all the packets in the box as well..

  4. Ok, Predictions.............

    DJ Trump and Mike Pence are consumed by a Jellystone Major Minor Super Volcano while campaigning in where-ever that place is and Nana Pelosi becomes PRESIDENT. The globalist world has a simultaneous orgasm and capitalism dies of a combination of a rabies plus termite infestation combined with Malaria and Polio, And over the top stupididity. Nana chooses longtime San Fran homeless and toothless resident otis the transgender person of unknown gender as his, her or whatitsis as Vice President. The lgbtqrstuv community has a collective orgasmic event that is non-descriptive since none of them actually know how to have an orgasm in a given gender capacity. Lets move on.

    Boris Johnson is elected Prime Minister and is immediately eaten in cannibal fashion by a transgender creature who has recently ingested bath salts in Florida. He or she is married to a person of unknown gender who is a Harvard Law grad and who gets he/she or it off on a charge of racial bias, cultural appropriation and virtue signaling. Well, Natch.

    Meanwhile barry soetoro is fatally impaled on the bayonet of the first female of the 3rd Infantry Army to serve as a Tomb Sentry and dies as michelle obama instinctively thrusts his/her penis into barry's oral orifice providing barry one last 'taste' of "screw America" visual - physical symbolism.

    Someone told me this is how it went. Seems a perfect timeline of events.