Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Kid's Predictions

What you are about to read is ground-breaking prophesy by the one and only Kid of the infamous Diary of a Right Wing Pussycat. It has been shamelessly copied and pasted by me from the comment section of my previous post without permission from the author. Be warned, dear reader. Once read, it cannot be unread. This message will permeate your soul to the core. You may laugh. You will probably intermittently sob. If you choose to proceed, I recommend you have a box of Kleenex handy (and be wearing an absorbent diaper in the likely scenario of a prolonged fugue).

His story must be told.

Ok, Predictions.............

DJ Trump and Mike Pence are consumed by a Jellystone Major Minor Super Volcano while campaigning in where-ever that place is and Nana Pelosi becomes PRESIDENT. The globalist world has a simultaneous orgasm and capitalism dies of a combination of a rabies plus termite infestation combined with Malaria and Polio, And over the top stupididity. Nana chooses longtime San Fran homeless and toothless resident otis the transgender person of unknown gender as his, her or whatitsis as Vice President. The lgbtqrstuv community has a collective orgasmic event that is non-descriptive since none of them actually know how to have an orgasm in a given gender capacity. Lets move on.

Boris Johnson is elected Prime Minister and is immediately eaten in cannibal fashion by a transgender creature who has recently ingested bath salts in Florida. He or she is married to a person of unknown gender who is a Harvard Law grad and who gets he/she or it off on a charge of racial bias, cultural appropriation and virtue signaling. Well, Natch.

Meanwhile barry soetoro is fatally impaled on the bayonet of the first female of the 3rd Infantry Army to serve as a Tomb Sentry and dies as michelle obama instinctively thrusts his/her penis into barry's oral orifice providing barry one last 'taste' of "screw America" visual - physical symbolism. Someone told me this is how it went. Seems a perfect timeline of events.


  1. I am humbled beyond description and Danke Shoen.

    Does it matter I was getting a denture free hummer from Nana Pelosi as I wrote this? Anyway-

    Be advised Chattering Teeth has all the rights and privileges to anything written or even thought of by the Right Wing Pussycat.

    If anyone needs a kleenex, please contact me at: Kid, 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Los Angeles, Mars, OU812 and I will supply you.

  2. Your comments never fail to cause violent nasal eruptions of my morning coffee.