Friday, October 2, 2020

They'll be fine


  1. 1. I hope Wallace gets it too.
    2. Could this be a ploy to do "virtual" debates in the future?
    3. Is biden just "too stupid" to get the virus even when it's handed to him on a silver platter?
    4. What is Ed's exact meaning when he replies "exactly?"

  2. Mustang, the gig is up. I can tell by your query that you have figured out that Ed Bonderenka and I are one and the same person. I created Ed as a virtual counterpart in attempt to raise my blog internet profile. The signs have always been there. I had a 30+ year career in newspapers so I created a vet who is an ENGINEER, someone who owned and was president, publisher and editor of a newspaper, is a radio star personality... yah, right. As if this superman could really exist.

  3. This post is very accurate. If he had the flu, he wouldn't be making youtube videos detailing what is going on - he'd be flat on his back with 5 blankets and too weak to do much of anything.

    Well, actually, I'm the real Ed. Now let the questions begin. Dorthy Kilgallen the first question to you.

  4. Apropos of nothing whatsoever to do with the adventures of COVID (the 19th sequel), here is some good advice for golfers who are on the course during a lightning storm: “Do not stand in the lake with your five iron pointing at the pretty black cloud.” You see, this is what happened to Kid, which is the reason why he thinks he’s Dorothy Kilgallen, who was actually Kitty Carlisle’s alter-ego.

    Make no mistake, this here is dern good advice; I’m passing it along to you at no charge. But for anyone else reading it, there will be a $25.00 free advice charge. Please send me the money as soon as possible on account of the fact that all my clubs are at the bottom of the lake, which I serious regret, and now I need a new set.

    1. No man, a One Iron. Lee Trevino told me even God could not hit a one iron. He lied.

    2. Sure. Now he's free and easy with the golf tips at a time when we Michiganders have already moved the golf clubs into storage and replaced in the garage with a waiting snow shovel. Texans. Sheesh!