Thursday, October 1, 2020

Biting Biden starts to babble

Biting Biden starts to babble

But his banal banter's bitter.

He besmirches with bogus blemish

And insists he'll build back better

Tenacious Trump with testy taunts

Trump tags the teetering twit 

A tirade of truisms tweak the twerp

A trophy winning therapeutic 

Weenie Wallace begins to wangle

Waylays Trump when Biden wobbles

A warranty for the weary weakling 

Weenie Wallace a wonky wally


  1. Biden's black eyes may have gotten to DJT a little. Those black lifeless eyes, like a dolls eyes..... That could unnerve anyone.

  2. Wonky Wallace is a true story about what happens when seriously deranged parents raise their chill'ins as Democrats. Shep Smith probably wants to know more about Wonky's weenie, but that's as much as I'll say publicly.