Thursday, March 25, 2021

Biden's Song

 Last November...

Obama tells Stephen Colbert about his dream of being the puppet master

“I used to say if I can make an arrangement where I had a stand-in or front-man or front-woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats (size petite) looking through the stuff (child porn) and I could sort of deliver the lines while someone was doing all the talking and ceremony, I’d be fine with that because I found the work (the destruction of America) fascinating,” Obama quipped.

Aaaand now...

WH Confirms Joe Biden and Barack Obama Regularly Talk, Consult on a ‘Range of Issues’

Asked by a reporter whether the former president had visited the White House and if the two speak, Psaki replied both Obama and Biden have a collegiate relationship undefined by the traditional roles of president and vice president – instead, they are “friends.

PICTURED: This is not Obama visiting Biden in the White House to give him his marching orders. Rather, it is a scene from the movie Brian's Song, when Chicago Bears football player Gale Sayers (played by Billy Dee Williams) visits his teammate Brian Piccolo (played by James Caan).

That was a great movie. Who can forget that emotional 'speech' scene when Sayers accepts the trophy on behalf of Piccolo, who was in the hospital suffering from dementia. 

SAYERS: Brian would like to be here tonight, but everyone knows that you put your dumb uncle in the basement.. 

PICTURED: An actual photo of Obama coaching Biden in the basement of the WH while Joe gets his nightly transfusion of aborted baby blood to keep the necromantic old fool semi mobile for just one more day...


  1. Your sources are impeccable. My fourth cousin’s baby’s (through her sixth failed relationship) live in girlfriend knows the medical technician from when they were in rehab together and she’s the one who hooks Biden up every night and verifies this photo as genuine. Well done. This DC problem could have been solved several years ago if only Kid had kept his promises about stealing a B-2. I tells ya, this country ain’t what it used to be.

    1. "this country ain’t what it used to be."
      ain't that the truth.

  2. OH, this is SO GOOD! I'm so glad I came by and that you had a newish post....I miss you on FB, sorry i had to leave ;-(.
    I call Obama Biden's Puppet Master, too............there is NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.
    But I would never insult Sayers or Piccolo like this!!
    Gad, just look at BOYKIN or whatever the Sec of State's name is now...(who cares to remember it?)...the most mambsy pambsy soft spoken lost 'nothing' I have yet to hear speak in our gov't and THAT is going some. So scary. BRING BACK POMPEO!!!
    We don't hear much from Obama anymore...he's too busy controlling the White House....even worse than he did his first 8 years :-(

  3.  Biden says that “Proof of Citizenship, or Voter ID” Is Voter Suppression”!And I say, Your full of Crap Joey!And Joey  said that requiring Voter ID is in the same realm as "Jim Crow 2.0".... There he goes again.. Everything that the Republicans want, he calls “Racist”, or "Jim Crow”. This is the same clown who  also said banning Felons from voting is "Slavery"But he’s OK with those MILLIOM’S of  illegals coming across the border and will find some way to vote in the upcoming 2022 election, and then again in 2024.!So let me see if I understand this...There are very strict requirements to provide proof of COVID Vaccination for dining in public ANYWHERE in New York City,. But somehow proving that  your citizenship to vote, is voter “Suppression”?  I just can’t understand how or why someone can demand to see proof of vaccination before you can fly anywhere, or go into a restaurant,  or do whatever, but voting without ANY proof of citizenship is okay! Are you kidding me?Are you not required by law to be a citizen in order to vote? I’ll tell you what Joey, all that I’m  asking for  is an explanation of how and why requiring a voter ID equates to voter Suppression. That's all I’m asking!  But Joey and his ilk thinks that some of his Voters  are too stupid and lazy to get a Free ID,Your bunch of wise ass’s in Congress and the rest of the  Lefties are screaming their bone-heads off about it because “Some” people won’t be able to  get photo-copies of their ID’s....., people have from now until November to get some form of acceptable voter ID  that ought to be more than enough time.   So, why can't they do that?  If there are states that do not provide an acceptable and free voter ID, then I have to ask why the democratic party is so hot about voter suppression but won't demand funding to pay for free ID’s. Why aren't they out everywhere making sure that every citizen that wants to vote can get a voter ID? You guys want a Vaccine ID, right?   You don’t seem to have any trouble asking everyone to get that!   But you don't want everyone to have a voter ID?     Why the hell not?   Let them get an ID otherwise  it’s too damn bad!   But your story about VOTER SUPPRESSION is a load of crap.And even if we do have Voter IDs, these sleazy  roaches will  figure out another way to “RIG” elections.

  4. Ever since Biden got elected it has been a disaster. The world and the country has been occupied with the most trivial & unnecessary infighting of the century. All during this time Putin was preparing to invade Ukraine and China was occupied taking over the rest of the world. This impotent imposter man, Joe Biden, pitted one American against another, with divisions of race & color & stupid vaccine mandates & party ideology. He & his party have been preoccupied with “the invisible white supremacists” & “the revolution of January 6”. His friend, the idiot John Kerry, is upset that maybe Putin will not focus on climate change amid the Ukraine invasion. He was hoping Putin would help the world “stay on track” with fighting climate change despite the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. He was very concerned about the “massive emissions consequences”. What a consolation for the innocent Ukrainians who are going to be dead in this war. They will be happy that the weather is going to stay good when they are gone!

  5. We have a leader who appoints inept people to fill his cabinet, such as John Kerry, and Pete Buttigieg, and Rachel Levine, our Transgender Secretary of Health. Did you hear Pete Buttigieg’s answer to the people that are complaining about $4.50 a Gallon gas? He said” Go Buy An Electric Car”! And Kerry’s concern with Russian?Ukraine is that he hops Putin doesn’t get upset and forget about Climet Change.
    When President Trump was about to leave office he predicted that , under Biden we would be paying $7 for a gallon of gas, And once again he was right. At least it sure looks that way. As of today Diesel has hit $5.60/gallon. And Regular $4.20 for a gallon yesterday.
    When Trump was in office both Republicans and Democrats in Congress were united AGAINST buying oil from Russia. Why has Biden been doing so up until now, when the whole country was against it?

    We all saw Biden commit a complete disaster when leaving Afghanistan & abandoning American citizens. And now he’s doing it again in the Ukraine.
    So he comes out and slaps the Gigantic ” Sanction” against Russia.. Well just look at the result! Does anyone see Putin Shaking in his Boots? Did his bombing or his Missiles stop? Or even slow down? Of course not. Did Putin and his generals and his thousands of Troops just fold up their tents and go back home because of the Biden’s TOUGH “Sanctions? .
    Putin does not only give damn, but he’s threatening the entire world by saying that he put his Nuclear Arsenal on Alert!. And he has terrified the entire world, that’s how terrified he is. .

  6. Many have said that with Joe Biden at the helm, America will be doomed..And that what we need, is another Ronald Reagan to save the country and the free world. I ask God to make a miracle and let that happen , and happen soon for the sake of free people all around the world we need a Strong, and Gutsy President. A Man or Woman gifted with the power to lead and to REALLY unite the country. Not a weak, feeble Delusional Vegetable that falls down the steps of his airplane 3 times . An individual that puts America first and who can stand up to our Enemies. .
    At this time, under Biden and the democrats, we have higher gas prices, higher food prices, out of control inflation, and a divided Nation. .Higher crime and lawlessness, our courts are much too liberal . Open borders and the majority of our citizens are in complete disbelief on the state of our country. A feeling that we have never experienced before… We do not feel like the Super Power we were only a few months ago.
    . .
    How can we with a inept, how incompetent leadership in control ? I feel so sorry for the Ukrainians who have to go through another invasion in their country, once again ! While reporters are asking him life altering questions Biden smiles and laughs as if it’s a joke, and then leaves without answering any serious questions. . And our Vice President Kamala Harris is studying the root causes of all our problems…Is this the Replacement that we have to look forward to after Mr. Potatohead is retired to the Funny Farm? Biden is a l catastrophe for the US and the free world, and next in line is a Complete Moron who is ever worse, if thats at all possible. . Another major catastrophic mistake was making America & its European allies dependent on Russian & other foreign energy & oil. All this was done in a year by this weak clown… Only because of his jealousy of Trump. There wasn’t really any other reason for him to shut down the Keystone Pipeline. We had Energy Independence for the very first time. We had enough Oil to supply the rest of the world as well. .
    You would think that, we would have filially conquered the energy problem ! But when you have an Imposter American leader, who is inept, and mentally challenged and incapable, this country and the free world are not safe.
    When Trump was President no foreign power invaded any other country, gas & food prices were low, the economy was the best ever, no inflation existed & the border was under control. Terrorist leaders were eliminated & America was respected by China & Russia & our own allies & others.
    In a year we lost it all & more, & it is just the beginning of this madness and incompetence & downfall.
    I pray for Ukraine & the Ukrainian people & leadership & I also pray for America & the American people to get by until we have a Leader who is capable to lead this Great Nation. !