Thursday, March 11, 2021

President Trump helps Harry with mowing the lawn during the Oprah / Meghan interview.


  1. Back in the olden (golden) days, we had a term for what ails Hairy: pussywhipped. Bad choice in mate selection compounded by his confusion about which of them wears boxer shorts. His isn't the only example of poor headwork among the bluebloods, only the most recent. Personally, I would have given a second/third/fourth thought to nationally airing my dirty laundry ... and Oprah (which isn't even a word) would be the LAST place I would do it. I'm guessing he earned more than thirty pieces of silver, though.

    Off topic: Welcome back. Kid says you're living in the basement with Joe, but I don't believe it. Beside, I think Joe died years ago and they sent his remains to a taxidermist. Just a theory I'm working on.

  2. Not completely back, I just wanted to post a placeholder to see if this thing was still on... I like your theory on Joe. But why did the taxidermist make his eyes so squinty? In any case, if my photshop had sound, all we would hear is the 2-cycled beauty at full pitch, as it drowns out any ignorant utterances from these hosebag's pieholes.

  3. This is NOT meant to Insult anybody, it is simply my opinion, and I stand by it One Hundred Percent. .
    I came across this NUTTY Progressive Blog while searching for Minneapolis immigrant issues. I then got curious about the writer of the blog so I looked her up and found the most wacky, ridiculous, absurd, idiotic, and stupid stuff that I have ever even thought of reading.. I realln didn’t think that people were capable of such immature discussion on a blog. Even her posters were Wacked out of their minds.
    As a lifelong conservative, I have to laugh when Liberal, Progressive thinks they have found the magic solution, as their solution giving away money or other things to keep the people quite. . Their notion is that "Conservative ideas are so inferior, how can any one with any sense at all have become so dumb." Their egotism is beyond understanding. I sometimes lay awake thinking what makes them so blind. Are they not aware of the wonderful life they are living, because they are living in the United States of America? The LOONY Progressives think that it’s just fine to request an ID to by booze, cigarettes, to board planes, etc. but you won't need an ID to vote? Does that mean ANYONE illegally in USA will vote? Well yeah! That’s their whole idea! That’s the way to Rig an election!
    Are they not aware of the millions of people who would give their tight arm to come here to live and how hard some of them try to get here. Why would anyone want to change the way of American life? Why would anyone want to change the Constitution that we hold so dearly?
    A lot of people are out for what they can get from the government these days, perhaps it’s because of this President. . And, there's no other place in the world that has more, and is giving more free stuff than America.
    The American way of life is preferred to any other system anywhere in the world over all other systems, or cultures because it affords everyone freedom of choices
    We have liberty and can do so many things that people in other countries can't. For example you talk about the President in a derogatory way! You can picket anyplace you care to, You can sue a person or a company if they did you an injustice. That just shows how much liberty we have because in other countries you well get killed!
    Fifty or so years ago, modern conservatism did not even exist. It has had to built against a liberal headwind, from the bottom up. Even today, we see new developments like the development of the phenomenon who follow Donald Trump against a relentless barrage of criticism thrown at him not all of which was fair, by any means.. If our way of life and our liberties is displeasing to progressives, They can and do use the election process to change things. Or better yet, they can leave the country, no one is going to stop you.
    But if we dumb conservatives decide to give in to there, brilliant progressives, we are doomed. And may I add a b it about Nancy Pelously’s so called “Covid Relief Bill” which isn’t a “Relief Bill at all, but a Pay Back bill. Nancy seem to find those Hostile and Mentally Unstable Progressive Females where ever she goes. Proof of that is the “SQUAD” a Foursome of Mentally Unstable Progressive Females , lead by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - a true Mental Midget
    As ONLY less than 9% of this COVID RELIEF BILL actually goes to COVID RELIEF... the balance goes to Nancy Pelosi'i pay-Back, otherwise known as pure Bull- Shit ..because those damn swamp creatures aka Socialist Democrats, and Progressives are pathetic anti Americans. It's actually a $1.9 trillion dollar theft from the taxpayers.
    .Are you aware that they are sending a few million to Africa to teach those Cannibals how to properly wash behind their ears like they did with O’Dumbo
    And wnen the Republicans vote it down, the uninformed blame them for being "Mean"

  4. continue:
    More money goes for bailouts, and paying for the Democrats failed policies.
    So let me say this to the Progressives, the Socialists, and the people who are disenchanted with this country. If you don’t like it here, GET THE HELL OUT!

  5. Hi, Jerry! I'm off FB and miss you!!! (long story).
    CRACKED UP at this image!!

    I accidentally watched that interview...saw it on just as it started so I stayed with it....I was embarrassed for all of them. Anybody who'd use the term RACIST like that, painting that family in such ugly light when they have NEVER shown a shred of racism, really bugged me. By the way, one of my sisters' has a Black son-in-law and they have 2 gorgeous children. She told me their family talked about how dArk Lisa's child would racism, just curiosity!
    And MUSTANG is right....TRUST ME, if I EVER considered suicide, I'd NEVER discuss it....I do understand they're supposedly interested in helping with mental health issues (though this is the big cause of Prince Wm and Kate, by the way) but to air your dirty laundry, which is what I'd call that?...awful.
    I felt sorry for Harry...MUSTANG's term for him is exactly right. Meghan saw a very good thing and pounced...........

    1. Awww, thanks Z. I miss you too, though I am not as electronically ubiquitous as I used to be. I may get back into the fight full time if I get motivated. BTW, have you told that 'long story' at your blog? I'd be interested in hearing it. FB can be a sordid cesspool. I have almost run out of family and friends. They've all been zombiefied.