Saturday, March 20, 2021



The doctor will see you now...

Nose: I'm here for the vaccination.

Dr. Blade: The term 'vaccination' has now been bastardized to apparently mean the act of inserting something foreign into your body for the stated purpose of protecting oneself from a pandemic, but you can still get and spread the disease, you still have to wear several facemasks, and the 'cure' is more likely to kill you than the lab-created coronavirus - but it does make you feel virtuous.

Nose: Doc, are you one of them anti-vaxers?

Dr. Blade: A vaccine has always been defined by the payload of an inoculation, and the payload has always been an agent comprised of particles of inert pathogens meant to illicit a natural and overwhelming immune response to a particular strain of disease. A syringe with a full plunger of strychnine is not necessarily a vaccine. The inoculation, therefore, is simply the delivery system of the payload. Sometimes the payload is a vaccine. Sometimes the payload is an experimental gene-editing agent that turns your immune system into tiny 3d printers that spit out versions of Microsoft Windows 2020.

Nose: But the Covid-19 vaccine...

Dr. Blade: Call it a Chinocculation.

Nose: OK, fine. As I understand it, the Covid-19 Chinocculation is targeted towards the virus that has caused this current pandemic. It actually edits your genes using mRNA to re-write the code in our immune cells, forcing them to churn out spike proteins which are found on the surface of COVID-19. These spike proteins mimic a COVID invasion, and the newly programmed immune cells respond accordingly. They have now 'learned' to look for the spike. VOILA'! The natural immune system has been artificially improved.

Dr. Blade: So what happens when the next much more deadly and virulent strain of the lab-created China virus crashes our party wearing the classic Groucho nose and glasses disguise, successfully hiding from the immune response bodyguards and specifically targeting those that had the earlier version of the Chinocculation?

Rubber Chicken: - -> # ,>..>> -->>vV--::??

Dr. Blade: Would you rather trust God who created us in His image, and our natural immune response that has been honed to protect us since our fall from Eden - or would you rather trust Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci? Check your 'news' source on CNN and get back to me. 


  1. Day 32 of not getting the shot.
    Still no side effects!

  2. BTW, this is brilliant. I am proud to call you my friend.

  3. Thank you, Ed! Like I already said somewhere else, I don't take advice from windup toy teeth. That's why I ignore Fauci.

  4. It really is amazing how many people Blindly follow what government people say.

    Mustang tells me he intercepted a zoom call of demo governors laughing like hell about next week when they demand people wear 3 pairs of underwear. Even in the house and not all for the same gender of course.

    1. HAHA!! Apparently, Governor Whitmer has me under surveillance!

      As for blindly following, we all have many friends and relatives who have had the shot, most of whom are not stupid people. Hope I'm wrong, but I've seen enough in the last few years to not be so trusting...