Friday, May 17, 2013

Wee Weed up with ObamaWeeds? Take Your Lawn Back!

Got weeds? A "weed" is any plant that is growing where it's not wanted. They are ugly plants that are just waiting for a chance to invade your beautiful south lawn, stretching their wicked roots and stealing from your lawn's producing plants.

You dig them out but they come roaring back. Frustrated, you think you've tried everything. You heard somewhere that if you denied the weed of water, it would shrivel and blow away.

So you try this...

Nope. Still here.

Don't get all 'Wee Weed Up'. There is a better way.

Grass roots will destroy weeds.

The best method of weed prevention is always a properly mowed and healthy stand of grass. Mowed high, your turf shades the soil, keeping sun and heat from reaching the weed seeds. Thick turf also helps with weed control by denying weeds the water and sunshine they need to gain a foothold.


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  1. Sorry. The assholes at the Big Plantation House and the Pentagon are too busy using the Marines as butlers to be thinking ahead about this.