Saturday, May 11, 2013

Will Benghazi-gate put Halfbro out of business?

Guy Carnage, the company spokesman for Halfbro and maker of the popular Yahtzee-like dice game "Benghazi", came under fire from gamers yesterday when it was discovered the company lied to them about the rules. It has been reported that all references to "terrorists", "al-Qaida" and "islam" had been removed from the rules to confuse their main board game competitor over at The Patriot Brothers.

"Halfbro did not do twelve rules re-writes just so that it could pick the winners and losers, but rather made only a stylistic change to the rules," said a disheveled looking Carnage, as he white-knuckled the company podium.

It's still too early to tell if this scandal will put Halfbro out of business.

Here is the original scrubbed Game advertisement...

Benghazi, by Halfbro is a mix of all your favorite traditional board games, but with a twist.

It's like RISK, in that you start by placing your plastic game piece Diplomats on the board and decide whether to support them with security details. It's like Yahtzee, in that you can "roll the dice" on your diplomat's safety if you believe it might hurt your image. It's like Dungeons and Dragons, as a player is picked to be the Candy Mountain Dugeon Master Moderator who decides what monsters attack, and throwing flags at players she doesn't like. It's like Monopoly, only the opposite. Players who collect the most money by following the rules are considered out of touch and must be scorned. At the end of the game, the losers physically remove the money from a player who earned it to win the game.

Object: Score the most points by rolling dice then lying! Hilarious fun for the whole spontaneous mob!

Disclaimer: Disgusting video insulting the prophet not included.

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