Monday, September 12, 2016


Clinton cancels West Coast visit to rest
Hillary Clinton canceled plans to visit California on Monday and Tuesday and instead will rest at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y. following a medical episode that caused her to stagger and faint Sunday at a 9/11 commemoration ceremony, her campaign said.

Clinton stumbled off the curb, her "knees buckled" and she lost a shoe as she was helped into a van during her "unexpected early departure." The NYPD was sent to retrieve Clinton's shoe, according to NBC.

As I was reading the article, I remember thinking how strange it was that I hadn't fallen asleep. I mean, "I don't feel no ways tired." You see, I suffer from a rare form of narcolepsy that only seems to manifest itself when confronted with a story about Hillary Cli... *yawn*.. Zzzzzz

Cue wavy lines for the upcoming blog dream sequence of fairy tale already in progress...

Hillerella was sick and tired of always being the ugly stepsister when it came to winning the hand of the  democrat nominee for president. Her "prince".  For once, SHE wanted to be the UGLY sister nominee! No, she NEEDED to be!

And why not!? She's earned it.  After all those years running interference for her husband, the pied piper with the bent flute and a trail of bimbos in his wake.

And then in 2008, when the nomination was all but hers - in rides Obama on a unicorn to steal her prize. IT WASN"T FAIR! SHE wanted to be the one to fundamentally change and destroy this country. 

But it was not to be, for she was forced to eat the poisoned apple and sleep for the next 8 years.

Well NOW was her time, and she was dancing with the prince once again. She wasn't going to let a little coughing spasm and a virulent case of pneumonia stop her from grabbing the brass ring and hugging a child despite her contagious infection.
That mean 'ol Trump wolf was not going to huff and puff and blow her house down, not if the mainstream media could help it.

"Where's my *cough*... shoe?," groaned Hillerella. "There's only 2 months left until the election! The DNC better not even *cough*... THINK about *cough* trying to slip that on someone else's foot *cough* It is formed to MY cankle!"



  1. Will the DNC throw Hillary under the bus? If they can, they will. They don't like her either.

  2. I agree, AOW. I think they are already planning for a president I feel a coughing spasm coming on. ugh.

  3. No, you're right. I guess I was assuming they would turn on her after election (assuming she won) but looks like the tide is turning against her.