Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mid-Michigan Cryptid

I wish I had a coin of indeterminate value for every time I drove on an undisclosed Michigan road and came upon an unidentified beast.

by Cryptozoology News Mich. — A woman on Sunday said she spotted a humanoid in Oakland County. 20-year-old L.B. told Cryptozoology News she was driving on an undisclosed Michigan road when she came upon the unidentified beast. “I was driving and looked at the side of the road because I saw something large move,” the student reports about the mid-day encounter. “I noticed it right away.” The woman described the alleged humanoid as having a dog head and a man’s body. “It looked like a fit man, although covered slightly in hair. It had the head of a grey dog and was very tall,” she added. The creature, she explains, was “swaying back and forth”. “It was swaying strangely, like I have never seen a creature move before.” She provided the following sketch of the creature by using our online drawing tool contained within the report form.
I find this disturbing, as this Dogman creature was spotted in an adjacent county to the Chattering Teeth Bunker and based on the sketch - it appears he has stolen my gold-plated nipple rings.

I myself am not particularly superstitious. I've never thrown a pinch of salt over my shoulder after spilling it. Nutmeg works better in staving off evil spirits. I know it's counter-intuitive, but I've tried all the various spices when battling Mid-Michigan Cryptids.

So fellow Michiganders... be on the lookout for a dog-headed beast who smells of rot.

DISCLAIMER: This sentence link may have absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this post. Any similarities between this story link and the following random key strokes are purely coincidental.


  1. i may never follow another link you provide again.

  2. Cryptid sighted!!! MY EYES!! IT BURNS!!!
    ok, sorry 'bout that.