Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Just Topplin' Statues

Leftist fascist 'anti-fascist' protesters toppled a statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at Disneyland California. Some protesters ran up to the mangled white nationalist mouse and repeatedly kicked it, while others used the distraction to cut in line for Space Mountain.

In Michael Moore's hometown of Davison, MI, counter counter protesters have pulled down this Big Boy...
H/T to my friend, Ed M...

What! They can't do that!


  1. Tragically, mikey moore has vowed to have another 10 minute hunger strike....

  2. Mikey Moore and hunger strike in the same sentence? FAKE NEWS! That could cripple our economy.

  3. Sorry, but Mike Moore is a rat, not a likable mouse.

  4. Considering Mike Moore's mass, toppling him from his pedestal would probably break some concrete, and put at least two fast food franchises out of business.

    Except for the loss of two private businesses, toppling Mike Moore would be fun to watch....from a safe distance...and upwind.

  5. ALRIGHT. I was never a big Elvis fan. I have nothing against him at all, but at the same time, I have no Elvis tunes on my stick.

  6. Disney was an avowed mousist.
    He built his empire on the backs of Mickey and Minnie.

  7. cube, Good call. MM is of the rodentia family. I just read where he is doing a standup Broadway hate-speech show. Who in their right minds would buy a ticket for that? (I just answered my own question).

    Jess,Haha! lol. I wonder what kind of charges would be necessary. Those legs have to be stronger with more tensile strength than any steel beams used in skyscrapers.

    Kid, Who said Elvis? The only thing in common with MM is affinity for PB&Js.

    Ed, Winner! The true culprit is now revealed. His statues must be defaced immediately.