Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Key pieces of Obama's "Malia at Harvard" plan

Move-in day at Harvard

OBAMA: Number one, we will not talk about numbers of tutors or marxists professors we will employ for furthering Malia's indoctrination. She's not the brightest bulb, so who knows.

Secondly, I've said it many times how counterproductive it is for students to announce the dates they intend to begin or end college. Malia took a gap year after high school - and let's face it, the odds are as long as her substantial forehead that she will be literate in just 4 years. It will depend on conditions on the campus grounds, not arbitrary timetables to graduate.

Lastly, Michelle and I are committed to working with the Harvard Administration, but our support is not a blank check. We expect Malia to be a good little communist, not that Harvard should find that a very difficult task.

Obama said bluntly that Malia was "not education-building again." To finish the point, he added: "She will be killing brain cells," just like her her parents did.

And little Malia and her new marxist democrat socialist classmate friends took off looking for campus statues to vandalize, as Barack and Michelle wept in pride.


Bonus question... what America-hating slogan is on Malia's designer T?


  1. I see a big future for this know nothing spawn of useless human flesh.

    T-shirt is a tough one. I'm thinking something like "Whitey Infidels Will Submit to Me" or maybe just Screw Whitey.

  2. The kid she's talking to has a MAGA hat on backwards?

  3. kid, Egad! You are describing future President Malia! At least there are actual photos as proof she stepped onto a college campus (unlike her alleged father).

    Ed, That would be fantastic, but it is more likely a Che hat or he would already be wrestled to the ground.

    Not to state the obvious, but does Michelle and Barack's key point Malia college plan sound a lot like Trump's awesome Afghanistan plan? It loses something in the translation tho.

  4. It does!.
    T-Shirt is an Alexander Wang Bar Code T-shirt.