Sunday, August 27, 2017

McCain, The Great White Buffoon

Blade: So Senator McCain, what do you think about Trump's pardon of Arpaio?

McCain: The Arapaho? I suppose I'm against it, due to the fact that Trump did it and I am a democrat shill. It undermines his claim for the respect of rule of law or something. The Arapaho Indians should know better. They were a nomadic people who lived on the plains of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas, so I don't know why they would be profiling Latinos in Arizona. If we've learned anything from the TSA, it's that we should be profiling elderly white woman with walkers.

Blade: Not the Arapaho Indian tribe, sir. Trump pardoned Arpaio.

McCain: Arapaima?  You mean those tropical fish? I know they are an invasive species from South America, but that doesn't give them the right to assume the immigration status of other Latinos. No freshwater fish species is above the law.

Blade: No, no, no. Not Arapaima fish... and not the Arapaho Indians. Trump pardoned Arpaio. As in SHERIFF A-R-P-A-I-O!!

McCain: What? You shut YOUR PIEHOLE! That reminds me. I want some pie.


  1. I'm thinking Arizona finally reached the point where McCain is not only a young whipper snapper, his election efforts are always filled with the advice: "Get off my lawn you young punk!"

    I wonder how many voters are really just mummified husks sitting in lawn chairs, their lifeless eyes staring across the desert?

  2. Arizona has a horrible voting history. McStain is going for biggest A politician of all time, but he's got plenty of competition from mcChuckles and Ryan - who magically had not a discouraging word about obama's drug dealer pardons, or medal of freedom away to the like of striesand who is married to that POS jimmy brolin who 'celebrates' 9-11-2001. I'll stop here.

  3. Jess, Is the average age in Arizona really in the mummified husk range? The lawn party visual you painted now haunts me.... why do they stare so?

    Kid, its actually a good thing because it is just another opportunity for good folks who don't pay as close attention to see just what establishment a$$es they are - and no difference with the democrats. Good for Trump on this justified pardon of the good Sheriff Joe.

  4. How do you honor a guy who was a POW, but now is a POS?

  5. I separate the two. He dishonors his legacy.

  6. I'm in favor of the pardon of Joe Arpaio. It would've been my call, too.

    I think McCain is very bitter that he never became president and he's a complete sell out who is out to ruin Trump and even the GOP. Now that his disease has become known, that may have explained some of his behavior, but not all. Either way he needs to retire.