Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fake Mews

United Airlines flight diverted after third pet incident in a week

Captain Kitteh? Is that you? Well, this explains everything.

"This is your captain speaking. Please make sure all dogs are stowed in the airtight overhead bins."

"Let's not make a meowntain over a molehill," purred United Airlines pilot Captain Kitteh. "Nobody wants to avoid another catastrophe more than meeeeow. Rest assured, we will deal harshly with any copycat purrpatrators."


  1. United really sucks. Hopefully I'll never fly again, but if I do, United is not the only one on my avoid at all costs list.

  2. I have never flown with a pet and can't imagine having this happen. Not good.

  3. We put our dog in a folding kennel and it went baggage.
    We could see the ground crew all gathering around it, admiring it through the airplane window while we were waiting to deplane. (De Plane!)
    Many of the passengers were watching and commenting positively, too.

  4. You should just be glad that Scherie lets you travel 'top-side' instead of baggage.

  5. Ed, Any tips on how I can get Mad to let me ride in the passenger compartment ?

  6. Ha, yes Z, I am on a pun roll lately. The louder the groans, the more I'm doing :)