Wednesday, March 14, 2018

National school walkout: What you need to know

If you're a student in high school and are planning to take part in the National School Walkout today, there is something you really ought to know. Today's date is March 14th and has always been known as Pi Day. What is a Pi Day? I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with math.

Perhaps more frightening than that is the fact that the symbol for Pi resembles a Tec 9 pistol with a banana clip, and 'guns bad'. 

I thought we had finally abolished all math symbols after that student in Louisanna caused such a ruckus after noticing that the square root symbol resembled a gun. Apparently not. The struggle against math and its evil symbols continues.

Listen, I have no problem with young folks wanting to honor those killed in the massacre at the Parkland high school earlier this year, nor  protesting gun violence. But the way you are going about this is 'Bass Aackwards'. If you want to honor those students, do something they no longer can by staying in class until the final bell. And you are against gun violence? GREAT! Then stand up for the 2ND Amendment and call for an end to these ridiculous so-called 'gun-free zones'. 

What exactly is a gun-free zone? As President Trump calls them, they are “candy for bad people”. Does anyone really believe that putting up a sign will stop a mentally disturbed individual? That doesn't even work for the bathrooms at Target.
So what if the students walk out of school today wearing orange and calling for gun control? I certainly won't judge them harshly. If I were a student today, I'd probably join them for the same wrong reasons. That's just part of being young. It is only through age and experience that one can hope to shed the chains of indoctrination forged by our public school system.

Instead, I blame the adults from my generation and prior ones who have created or allowed this environment of ignorance to take root. Just look at what we do to our kids after high school. We send them off to colleges and universities only to come out four short years later as marxists or socialists who hate our country's founding principles and reject their own faith. Their new 'belief' system is reinforced by their only source of news between CNN, twitter and Jimmy Kimmel.

*Stay in school.

*Embrace freedom.

*Question everything - Except your 'gender'. Check your plumbing if you're still confused. It's one or the other and not a multiple choice.

McDonald's has done it again. Last week, participating 'Virtue Signalling' restaurants flipped their arches upside down in honor of International Women's Day. Today, they have flipped it on its side to honor Albert Einstein, born On March 14, 1879. Einstein is best known for his wild white mane and maybe some math stuff I think. Apparently, McDonalds did not get the memo regarding the new math-free zones.


More on Pi Day, a day set aside by math nerds who love a number a smidgen over '3' with an infinitely huge tail (no, not Kim Kardashian's IQ). 


  1. So orange really is the new black? Silly me, I'm still stuck on gray.

    I agree that children should stay in school and learn, but if multiculturalism and common core is part of the curriculum, then a field trip might be a better alternative.

    Yes, today is Pi Day, but math should be exalted every day of the year. Pie is always tasty.

  2. cube, do they realize that orange is the color of most hunting vests? As for kids getting smarter by skipping school, I would argue it depends on what the purpose is of the field trip. Glad my kids are grown now. It was tough enough back then in trying to reprogram them. Can't imagine how much tougher it is today.

  3. I've lived in Florida since 1968 and there are many reasons why I hate the color orange [the old Tampa Bay Buccaneers... urp]. Oy, I could write a book! Anyway, my orange hatred is only eclipsed by my hatred of purple, but that's another story for another day.

    My girls went to Catholic school from kindergarten to high school. You can't believe how many discussions, usually over dinner, that we had over what our girls learned at school. It soon became intuitively obviou that we couldn't teach our girls what to think but HOW to think. So far, they haven't disappointed.

  4. I sit here brokenhearted..
    Paid a dime to build a better country
    Only to see it turn into this crap.

    It is not the fault of government. It is the fault of the citizens for allowing this government to flourish.

    Education isn't getting fixed in 8 years.

    In the sense of a stock market analogy, I fear we are only in a correction which is defined by a shortish rally from a very low low (end of the obama error), but that it will not mark the final low. I do believe people/kids need to feel the anguish of bad decision making before we can truly get healthy again as an entire country. It would be nice if this upward correction lasted Oh say 20 years or so though!

  5. PS - Otherwise, I'm at a loss for words.

  6. That is a CZ Skorpian .22 bby the way.

  7. Cube, Had the same problem with son at Notre Dame where I naively believed it was a 'safe space' (to use the phraseology of the wacko left) for our faith and values. Not so much different than the BS spewed at U of M in Ann Arbor, sadly. They need to remove our Lady from the dome or get back to their founding principles. Nothing left but home schooling or constant de-programming after school and before dinner.

    Kid, you never seem to be at a loss for word thingys, and they always flow with such calming and tranquil effects. Wait, is my blood pressure spiking again!!! I do fear you're correct and we are just in the eye of the hurricane at present. Too many dumb sh*ts still populating the fruited plains.

    Ed, Whatever the brand, it is a dangerous semi assault fully automatic type weapon with a high firing 30 caliber clip capacity and scary bump stocks, with a heat seeking incendiary device on the tip which was probably purchased through the gun show loop holes. Firing shotguns through your door is much more effective way to hunt.