Wednesday, March 25, 2020

POP QUIZ: Madonna or GloZell in a Milk Bath?

Seeing 1970s pop star Madonna naked in a milky bathtub of floating rose petals
reminds me of Obama-era YouTube Star GloZell eating cereal from a milky bath of Fruit Loops and Butt Nuggets.  Madonna has declared coronavirus “the great equalizer”  but I think GloZell would disagree.

Rules: There is only one... you must pick one or the other. This is the apocalypse and you need the milk.

By the way, why is Madonna's face look like an over-ripe oriental balloon stretched over the helium nozel at the party store? Did somebody throw a plugged in clothes iron in there with her?

I just hope this $Gazillion dollar stimulus package comes out of the senate with additional cartons of milk for both of these ladies bathtubs. Preferably pasteurized (and over their over-sized pie holes)


  1. Seems like the first thing women do when they crave attention is get naked. Remember the dixie chicks mag cover..
    I wish I could think of something funny to say about this but all I can think of regards madonna is that I've never known Anyone young or old who bought her records or went to her concerts. Ever.
    Makes me wonder if I could somehow be a no talent useless pop culture money magnet someday...

  2. Madonna is from Detroit, not Flint. We get Sandra Bernhard and Michael Moore. I wonder what Michael Moore would float in his milk bath. I'm very sorry for that picture. I'll put you down for GloZell then.

  3. Sandra Bernhard and Madonna were friends or such?
    Put me down for undecided.

  4. Sorry, ed. gotta choose. Hard times, hard choices. I'll put you down for MM.