Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Did that mean orange man hurt your feelings?

Biden IS the face of the democrat party, after Trump was through with him.

A little stream of consciousness from DaBlade... 

Did that mean orange man hurt your feelings? F&*k your feelings, and f&*k that nasty old stumbling fool, Joe Biden, and that political hack of a so-called moderator, turned Biden debate tag team partner, Chris Wallace. There is a country to save. Be part of the solution or get the hell out of the way. 

If you're still confused before or after this debate as to who you're voting for, then let me just say that, "you ain't American."

The leftist marxist BLM and anitfa are rioting and looting in our cities and Wallace wants to know if Trump will condemn white supremacists? What a Jackass. 

Forests are burning because of liberal democrat policies and Wallace wants to know if Trump will now embrace global warming? What a complete and utter jackass.

It is a very dangerous world. President Trump has kept us out of wars, has been bringing our troops home, and all the while staring down the barrel of a rebuilt military at the likes of a very evil Russia and China and keeping them in check. He didn't send planes with pallets of cash to our enemies. 

Who wants to return to the obama days of surrender to our enemies and endless apology tours? Did Wallace ask even one question regarding foreign policy? Did Wallace even ask one serious question? "Did you pay $750 in taxes?" "Will you wear a mask?"... Give me a break!

Remember that "Quid pro quo" bs? The real corruption was from from Joe and his son, Hunter. I thought Trump did a great job giving Biden a face wash with that, and his corrupt dealings with the Ukraine prosecutor. The half of the audience who watch MSNBC, CNN or the other democrat propaganda fronts probably didn't even know what he was talking about, having never heard this story before. Good on Trump for shoving this down their throats.

"Will you accept the results of the election? Trump nailed this by reminding Wallace that the leftists never accepted 2016, as evidenced by the weaponizing of Intelligence agencies and the FBI to spy on him, leading to the fake Russia collusion charges and impeachment coup attempt. The largest corruption scandal in our history, yet you're concerned that a billionaire businessman legally used tax laws set up by his opponent?

As for you dipshits that are butthurt that "Trump didn't follow the rules," or that he kept interrupting.... as Butch Cassidy reminds us...  Everyone knows there are no rules in a knife fight.


  1. Ok, now I'm mad. Right on point about Wallace. What a pathetic excuse for debate questions. The two have been debating that shit over the airwaves for the last year or so.

    Biden on stage eating cookies.
    Trump: Stop eating cookies Joe.
    Joe: I'm not eating cookies.
    Trump: Chris, tell Joe to stop eating cookies.
    Wallace: I don't see any cookies, now about that 750 in taxes which is more than a starving school teacher pays whose husband just died of Covid......

    1. Sorry to get you mad... I had a meltdown after seeing all of the hand-wringing from idiots. My sense of humor had left the building. Now where are those cookies?,,,,

    2. I don't get the hand-wringing and underwear twisting either.
      This is a new game with the commies are going all out. They'd eat Ronald Reagan alive. They kicked Kavanaugh in the balls and they've been trying to kick DJT for 5+ years now.

  2. I don't know much, so most everything I come up with is what we Marines call a "silly wild-ass guess." My guess is that Wallace got the position (a) because it was his turn, and that (b) a conservative journalist didn't because there are no conservative journalists. If either (a) or (b) is true, then I guess it doesn't really matter who asked the questions. In any case, it's probably my fault on account of the fact that I once stumbled upon Chris Wallace passed out drunk in the street, getting ready to be consumed by a pack of hyenas, and I killed the hyenas with my K-bar. This is how I won the humanitarian award in 2001. See? Our mistakes always come back to haunt us.

    1. I dunno, your swags always seem on point. I'm beginning to suspect you're really Forrest Gump, commenting from a laptop while sitting on a Texas bus bench. As for Biden's turn, that strategy didn't work so well last time. Congrats on the award, but at what cost humanity? And how do you kill a hyena with a Kit Kat bar?

  3. Hunter Biden walked into a diner and ordered a BLT and a Pepsi. 'The waitress said sorry, we have Coke'. Hunter said 'Sounds good I'll take a gram and a iced tea'.