Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Brawl at Chuck's place

Chuck E Cheese's in Flint

Gang graffiti adorns the outside of the Chuck E. Cheese pizzeria in Flint where a brawl broke out last week.

FLINT TOWNSHIP -- Police still aren't sure exactly what sparked a brawl among 80 people Saturday night at Chuck E Cheese...The first call came in at 8:53 p.m. concerning a fight among three teenage girls at the pizza parlor. A Genesee County Sheriff's paramedic and state troopers quickly got the fight under control,... But a few minutes later, the officers sent out a second call as the fight erupted again, and quickly turned into "a knock-down, drag-out between 75 and 80 people,"...

Later in the story, it mentions that police had to use pepper spray. That might be the only thing that would make this pizza palatable. What I wonder is how so many people had the energy to participate in this knock-down drag-out. There is so much sticky soda on the floor that it takes effort to lift one's feet to walk across the floor to the exit. How could someone do a passable karate spin scissor kick to their neighbor's jaw with so much floor resistance?

When police arrived, Chuck E. Cheese was seen roundhousing fleeing youths while shouting "[EXPLETIVES DELETED]!!". He was immediately tazed, batoned, cuffed and led away.


  1. Come on- What's the story here? No gun shots, a little pepper spray and everyone goes home happy. Happens in Flint every day.

  2. Did the Chuck E go down in a crumpled heap shortly after shouting the words "Don't taze me, Bro" ?

  3. DaBlade- You are a hit with everyone at GOM. People have been flocking to my computer screen all day to see your Chuck E news! The bloody chalk outline is a great touch!

  4. I know your real name DaBlade! if you want to keep it a secret.... be a real man and become a democrat and a Colorado Avalanche Fan!