Friday, February 8, 2008

Carlson Caucus (Part 2)

Romney out. McCain all but in. Let the email hand-wringing continue.
Brother Greg sent Rick and me an email, telling us to read the Feb. 6th Ann Coulter column.

Rick responded:
yea i was aware of the position from her, rush, hannity, etc. I don't blame the democrats, i blame Bush. For 8 years we have been bombarded with these two themes: Bush is an idiot, Bush is evil. Now, surprise , surprise, all the democrats believe it but that is to be expected. I blame Bush because he is neither an idiot nor evil. He has been an excellent president for our times. However, he did not answer the bombardment of the left. He is too much of a gentleman and too politically savy understanding exactly what they were doing and simply pretending it was not personal and he would continue to do whats right and people would recognize it for what it is, ie, right. But we live in a country of idiot lemmings. The media absolutely determines what public opinion is. People hear it enough and thats the way it is. Now, since he failed to defend himself these last 8 years trusting people to see was doing the right thing, many so called moderates or those uncommitted to either full liberal or conservative values, believe Bush must be an idiot and evil and therefore we must change. Change can mean democrats (Hillbilly or ObamaMama) that would be the easiest thing to understand or change could be a republican as long as he is not like Bush, who remember is an idiot and evil. That is why McCain is ahead right now. The conservatives such as you and me are not coming out to vote in the numbers the moderates are and they are either voting for the woman or the black man cuz it is the easiest change and quite the sheek thing to do right now, or for McCain who while he is a republican he is not like Bush so he is neither an idiot nor evil. The problem is he also is not conservative. Will the conservatives vote for him in the general election if he is the nominee and the choice of staying home means one less Hillbilly or Obamamam vote cancelled out? no. Conservatives are smarter than that they will vote for him right along with the moderates and he will probably win as conservatives + moderates = more than liberals. If a conservative candidate wins the nomination like Huckabey now that Mitt is out unless we draft a conservative at the convention, the moderates will or may decide he is conservative therefore like Bush, who is an idiot and evil and must be both himself so thats not change and we need change, remember? liberals + moderates = more than conservatives. However dont forget that Bush is conservative and won last time against the liberals so therefore conservatives = more than liberals. That was before he became an idiot and evil by failing to show his face more on tv and say something like: "Well...there you go again" and smile.
We got a serious problem now. The liberal press will not allow the airtime necessary to truly debate the war in Iraq and the potential war with Iran all as crucial to the war on terror we did not start but absolutely must fight to win. It is enough for the media to exclaim what everyone feels which is war is bad on the economy, war kills people and we are tired of war. so lets change how we feel and stop the war?????? sound good????? If McCain wins he wont stop the war, or appoint a justice to overturn roe v wade or do anything else conservative except keep fighting the jihadists. then coulter is correct. about 4 years from now the lemmings will say, hey: that's not change, we wanted change, and we are sunk but safe til then. If Huckabee wins the nomination God please let him inspire us all including some moderates cuz if he does not and loses the election Hillbilly and/or Obamamamma get in the house and we will be attacked in the continental united states again before their second term is up. look at the next email for a dissertation of my worst fears.

My response:

Greg Responded:
Well said... especially the equation "liberals + moderates = more than conservatives" However, I'm not so sure about the "conservatives + moderates = more than liberals" because of the Huckabee wild-card. W. was elected in large part on the strength of that same fundamentalist voting block now supporting Huckabee (a former Baptist Preacher remember) and I simply do not know how many moderates went Bush's way last time over Kerry. My concern is that while I trust that most all conservatives (including Ann/Rush/Sean) will eventually support the Republican no matter what, there may not be enough moderates for McCain to offset the number of fundamentalists who will not support him (case in point is Dr. James Dobson of the powerful PAC "Focus on the Family" who has declared he will not vote for McCain under any circumstances).

My own conclusion: McCain may not get all of the fundamentalists, but he will most certainly get all of the moderates, and hopefully some begrudgingly right-thinking fundamentalists. Whereas Huckabee would get all of the fundamentalists, he would get zero moderates. Therefore, the choice of McCain is obvious if you actually wish to win the general election against the Dems: "most conservatives + all moderates + some fundamentalists = more than liberals"

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