Sunday, February 24, 2008

Go read a newspaper.

Blogs are fast food. Too much and you'll get fat and lazy. Go read a newspaper! Get some ink on your hands! No ransom note worth it's salt was ever cut and pasted from a printed online article!

I will be in sunny Florida next week for the newspaper conference at The Orlando World Center Marriott Resort. Last year's conference was in Vegas (at Mandalay Bay), where Pasti and I had a pretty good string of luck doing the "Blackjack paper route," traveling from resort to resort making our collections (especially at Hooters). While obviously no gaming this year, there might be a Cheeseburger and Margaritta with my name on it at Jimmy Buffet's place in Universal's City Walk.

As for the conference, it should be a good one, what with the industry in what you might call a transition. I could probably give a presentation this year, and I just might do that in the Sports Bar later. That's usually the best place to pick up tips, and I will likely make those around me the beneficiaries of my brilliance. Since my professional fortunes are tied to print, I must insist that bloggers and surfers who read this subscribe to their local papers. Don't make this blog come over there!

As for me, don't worry. I'll try not to get sunburned. Please keep my walk shoveled boys! In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves with an open forum in the comments section. I'm off to Candy Mountain... "The land of joy and joyness".

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