Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Jihad Boys at a Dearborn High School Taunt "You Can’t Bring Us Down"

Michigan has the largest Arab community in the United States, and second only to Paris outside the Middle East. It is estimated there are approximately 350,000 people of Arab descent in southeast Michigan, including significant numbers of Iraqi, Lebanese, Yemeni, and Palestinian Americans. Keep this in mind while reading the following...

Hundreds attend Dearborn meeting about Twin Towers shirts
A group of Arab-American students who are members of the class of 2011 at Dearborn’s Edsel Ford High School told school officials they were showing pride in their class with their choice of sweatshirts on Monday.

But school officials disagreed, confiscating the sweatshirts and scheduling meetings with the students and their parents because the images on the sweatshirts referenced the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center Towers.

Along with the words, “You can’t bring us down,” the sweatshirts featured an image of the number 11 as the twin towers with windows included on each digit. The school’s mascot, a thunderbird, was flying nearby.
DISCLAIMER: The original photo of this sweatshirt had the student's name blurred out, but Chattering Teeth experts were able to bring it back using graphic enhancement techniques.

Well, at least their school mascot is something benign like a thunderbird and not a severed infidel head. Of course, the thunderbird doesn't look so benign as it looks like a plane heading for the Twin Towers.

I guess it's just innocent school spirit these Arab youths exhibited by using the imagery of the horror that was 9/11, and the almost 3,000 innocent deaths.

The Beach Boys - Be True To Your SchoolThe Jihad Boys - You Can’t Bring Us Down

Maybe we should congratulate them for going to school at all in the Detroit area, which has a stellar graduation rate of 25%. These sweatshirts would be a little warm for the desert, which is where I would deposit them. Of course, it's more likely one of them will be our president in about 25 years (if we are still around).

"Why in the world would any teenager think printing up a sweatshirt that appears to glorify terrorism is appropriate?"


  1. I note that on the video linked at the end that one girl favored expelling the students. At least SHE has some sense.

  2. I do believe these young men may need a "Patriotic Micro Chip" implanted...

  3. and we allow this filth into our borders..wer'e doomed! keep up the fight..and don't lose heart! :)

  4. If these youths hate this country so much, why don't we send their butts to their home country?

  5. I thought about posting on this.

    Actually these kids are being hired by the Obama administration to form a panel on school spirit.

  6. Soon they will graduate and integrate into America's corporate workforce.

    It has begun...

  7. If they do not like this country and hate Americans, let them pack their stuff and go back to the slums of whatever rock they crawled out from under. I am telling you WE have been programmed to be POLITICALLY Correct in America. We need to STAND UP and be what we are PROUD AMERICANS. If you live her SPEAK ENGLISH. Leave you hocka la heim back in Bagdad.

    If you look at this photo it is no accident. This is a slap in the face of Americians!

    STAND UP and say ENOUGH. I have had enough and I will NOT SHOP at an ARAB party store or buy GAS from an ARAB gas station.

    Speak out with your $$$$'s