Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey Obama! You're soaking in it!

Listen to Madge the busybody's reasons for becoming a manicurist in this old Palmolive commercial. This is the exact same answer Obama could give for wanting to become president (if he were honest).

"Palmolive softens your hands while you do the dishes."

Let's change that up to read...

"BP-oilmolive destroys your coastline while you give your speeches."


  1. But DeBlade, he's become furious about it. He's doing stuff.

  2. OK Chuck. My bad. I see on Drudge this morning that BO has "rolled up his sleeves"... All is right with the world again.

  3. Why do you think he used the word FURIOUS? Yes, that word's got all that "somebody ELSE did this!" in between its letters, doesn't it?
    you can't really be FURIOUS at YOURSELF!
    And, when you're FURIOUS, you're ON IT, right?
    that's like when the media said "Obama RUSHED to the site" when it was 9 days after the spill started...Bush took 1 1/2 days to get to Katrina and we all know how THAT went down in America.

    Well, now everything will be fine because Obama's getting the BIG PHOTO OP next week as he's invited the family members of those killed on the oil rig TO THE WHITE HOUSE for PUBLIC CONDOLENCES! (is this a joke? I can't imagine wanting to fly to the WH this soon after I lost MY husband or brother or Dad)...
    But, there obama'll be....wait a minute; can you SMILE at an occasion as sad as that? Or will he be looking FURIOUS and CARING for a change!?

    There IS no one OILIER than Obama...good post, DB!

  4. I can't possibly imagine how these poor people must feel meeting with this poor excuse for a president. You're trapped in a box... you can't not go, but do you really want to go and meet with this empty suit and pose for his badly needed photo op?

  5. Right. He's rolling up his sleeves -- to go play golf - again - in his tacky little shorts.


    I mean, if he's gonna play that much golf, can someone at least get the man proper golfing attire?? Michelle? Joe? Hillary? Somebody??