Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Re: Asteroid 2005 YU55
Scientists will be tracking an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier as it flies by Earth tonight at 6:28PM Eastern.

I located this asteroid last night while drinking beer and playing with the kid's telescope in the backyard. I spotted a herd of dinosaurs living on this satellite. Not sure why this isn't being covered by the mainstream media, but I really found it strange.


cube said...

I find Obama scarier than you and your asteroid. :-P

StArry aNgeL said...

wow.... amazing... :)


Z said...

He makes it sound like the asteroid's out to get us and has only miscalculated something or it would have been here by now!
and he sounds like a loon..just sayin'!

I'm with Cube on this one. WAY scarier.

DaBlade said...

I'm juast glad that rock missed us. I don't think the dinos would have survived that.