Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goss Press obit

e-mail from a friend and ex-colleague from the newspaper...

The Journal pressmen called it "the hole"....the area where the Goss letterpress pounded out millions of copies of The Flint Journal over the years.

Well, the "hole" is almost empty. This month, the scrapping project for the old press will be complete, leaving another void in the pages of newspaper history.

Yes, it wasn't a real person with a sole...but still it's a sad day for everyone who worked, struggled, sweated and loved the old beast that lived in "the hole."

- Ed McGraw

Great pics Ed. Brings back so many memories of those old Goss behemoths. They remind me of a line of large gray elephants. To think these relics were not originally constructed with color ink in mind. They sure made circulation life exciting every day, wondering if the bailing wire, duct tape and chewing gum would hold!

Of course, Thanksgiving has a whole set of great memories. As a 14-year-old carrier delivering 10 papers at a time because that was the maximum number that could fit in a pair of shoulder bag... As a 18-year-old circ clerk loving the extra hours working the night shift in the mailroom, rolling the Thanksgiving edition in the brown paper and glue for motor route throws...

Speaking of painting elephants... (these are not the old Goss presses)


  1. I think I toured this as a kid.

    Not to be too, well smart, but this is kind of a look into Flint itself. Torn down and dismantled. I remember Flint as a vibrant city as a kid. The last time I was downtown I had to dodge tumbleweeds with my car.

  2. Chuck, not even a museum relic for touring yutes anymore. The presses nor the city.

  3. You forgot Uncle Ray and his riding crop. Oh, and 4:00am "lunch" from Angelos.