Thursday, November 17, 2011

Paper or touch screen?

I was called in to substitute at a local Catholic K-8 the last two days. A 6th grade boy noticed my Kindle sitting on the desk and asked if I liked it. I told him I loved it. He answered back in apparent total sincerity, "I like paper better".

You hear a lot of strange things out of the mouth's of these 12-year-old crumb-crunchers, but nothing threw me off balance more than that.


  1. That actually is pretty fascinating. A lot of kids would not be seen dead with a book.

    My daughter loves to read though. A love she inherited from her mother, not her knuckle dragging father.

  2. Maybe on sheet of paper is better. but compare the paper taken up by 400 books or a bunch of documents to a Kindle, and then the Kindle win.

  3. I feel great that any kid thinks paper's better. They can't tell time for digital watches, they don't have to add or subtract...
    give me the old days.
    dmarks is right but I'll rue the day when a child can't feel the pages of a book in his hands.
    (I sub high school and LOVE it)

  4. Chuck, i know better than to believe you're not a voracious reader, knuckle dragging aside!
    Dmarks, my kindle must equate to a small forest.
    Z, you sub too? I bet you're their favorite!

  5. DaBlade...I LOVE that school and those kids. I've been on the school Advisory Board since they opened and have been sub'ing for about four months now.
    "their favorite"? You know, I think you're right. They TELL me " are our favorite sub EVVEEEEEER" Music to my ears.
    Or I'll come into the courtyard in the morning and I'll hear 'Hey, Mrs. Z" SO cute.

    I thought I'd be a real hard nose as I"m pretty tough on kids when they screw up, but I've realized I'm the most awful softy. They're so smart and SO much fun and's a Christian school, too, but not all kids are Christians.

    You'll love this: these are high school kids and they still think it's funny to answer HERE! to the wrong name so the sub calls you by your friend's name the whole time, right?
    (I always ask them to catch my eye when learn who's who"..)
    SO, one day a red haired kid answers HERE! when I call "Grant?" I smile at the red haired kid, look down at the name again and see the last name is KIMURA. A KIMURA seems much more likely to be the Japanese kid sitting to red haired kid's left!! I say "really?.KIMURA!?"
    When he realizes what I'm getting at, his face is now beet red, too! HILARIOUS. I say back to him "Next time, pick someone you COULD be when you're answering to the wrong name" and all the class roars! :-) I love this stuff!

  6. Z, love the wrong name story. Speaking of wrong names, for some reason I introduced myself to the 6th graders as "Mr. Carlsonuffaluffagus".... Just so you know, all you have to do is add "...uffaluffagus" to the end of your actual last name and 6th graders will find you to be the funniest teacher ever! :) i love an easy audience.