Thursday, December 8, 2011

Play that funky music Romney!

In keeping with the Peanuts theme from my last post, and the Romney camp's demands to Chattering Teeth for equal time, we have this (Caution: very rough photoshop job and not nearly as nice as the faked obama birth certificate)

WOODSTOCK: "Free Bird!"

Speaking of Romney and music, you did hear that he has chosen Kid Rock's "Born Free" as his presidential campaign theme song, right? It's unknown if the Obama camp will choose Rock's "Devil without a Cause". I kinda like "American Bad Ass" for Gingrich.


  1. Was Romney saying I will "play" anything you want me to play or "say" anything you want me to say? Either fits, just wondering.

  2. Exactly Chuck! My Ron Paul caused me to crack myself up again!

  3. Romney has made me a believer just 6 months after this post, not just because he is the nominee, but because of how he is taking it to obama. Mitt will be a great 2-term president. I can't wait to vote for him.