Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baltimore mom now Slaps Obama - Thank You, From a Grateful Nation

Toya Graham, the Baltimore mom caught on video slapping her son and pulling him out of the riot, has made the news again. This time for roughing up Obama, guaranteeing her the "Mother of the Year" award.

"He has been embarrassing himself," she said.

Today's blog inspired by Ed (Not of this World), who will be sent monthly checks from here on for his portion of the Chattering Teeth Blog Ad Revenues generated from our print product. You have my word on this, Ed!


  1. The news that slants toward the left thinks it's terrible she "beat" him in public. After all, he's really important, and thuggery, which is the new "N" word, is such a terrible thing to say. It's reported some people, when they hear the word, become constipated and use valuable free money to loosen their bowels.

    She was wrong. The news says so, so it much be true....or not.

  2. Your right, Jess. The twitterverse is all googled up over this mom administering corporal punishment and removing a foot soldier from the struggle against whitey. Gotta love the latte-sipping, pop collared progressive suffering white privilege guilt. Another round of slaps on the house.

  3. Ed, check your digital bit coin account. I fear you've been hacked!

  4. Please contact me about this meme with a Baltimore mom disciplining Pres. Obama at 240-498-4045.

  5. Hi Libertarian blogger. I prefer email, and mine can be found on my profile page. Thanks for understanding.