Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hillary appears lifelike in campaign video

Hillary Clinton announced this past Sunday that she was running for president.

Here's what some of Hillary's 2 million fake Twitter followers are saying about her campaign rollout...

They did a wonderful job... She appears so lifelike...

I'll say. I can barely smell her any more.

I just hope the wax doesn't melt under the lights...

you'd think that was a real nose if you didn't know where to look.

Someone needs to slip in there and loosen the screw in her navel to let some gas out before the mourners arrive

They really did an excellent job, especially since she's been lying there since the 90s.

HILLARY - I'm waddling running for president. Everyday Americans need a Bimbo Eruption champion, and I want to be that champion.

So what say we go get some burritos!? Who's driving? One of the regrets I have about my public life is that I can't drive any more... or go out in public without being mobbed by admirers...

PICTURED: Hillary buys a burrito at Chipotles. Doesn't tip because none of the kids recognized her. Note to self: Bus in supporters to act as those "real Americans"...


  1. Unfortunately, this Bimbo just won't die! She is the flatulent (or is that flagellants?) you're Mama warned you about.

  2. Bus in supporters to act as those "real Americans"...Brilliant!

  3. But Sparky! She's such a woman of the people! Harumph

    Thanks Ed. Now I owe you something like $56 dollars for that "like" if I want to be like Hillary. Check is in the mail.

  4. And you know they took out her brains through her nose. Two schools of thought on this process... one, the pulled it out with a wire, or two, they liquidized the brain with a chemical and it dripped out on its own. Either way, you're brainless. Mummy mia!

  5. cube, I think the brain organ thingy is still there, it has just suffered severe progressive marxist liberal indoctrination shock.

    That reminds me... remember when Bill flirted with that 500-year-old frozen Inca mummy known as the Ice Princess back in 1996? That was awesome!

  6. I remember that. You're kinda cute. Bill is such a horn dog.