Saturday, June 24, 2017

Johnny Depp and Kathy Griffin are like a lunch of Braunschweiger and New Coke

Have you ever sworn off a business or a product in the past because of a bad experience or poor customer service? Did you keep your promise?

I don't mean a vow involving a product like New Coke, Braunschweiger or any kind of Miller beer. I mean for something (or somewhere) that you really enjoyed in the past, and leaving them would be a personal sacrifice of some magnitude.

The good folks in the office where I work like to order lunch from different area restaurants, then send one person to do the pickup. "Do you want something from (fill in the blank)?," they'll ask, as lunch time looms near. I never eat takeout at lunch (and rarely ever), and just snack on whatever the wife packed for for me at my desk.

That doesn't stop them from politely asking, so a few months back I was asked, "Do you want something from Red Lobster?"

Maybe I was a little too spirited in my response, which is typically, "no, thank you," but this time was something like, "F&*% NO! I WON'T EVER GO TO THAT PIECE OF S#$% ^&*&ing GARBAGE RESTAURANT EVER AGAIN!"

I then had to explain my outburst and that I had sworn off of The Red Lobster about 30-some years ago (no shit) because of verrrry poor customer service two trips in a row. I had no illusions that my self-imposed boycott would in any way negatively affect The Red Lobster's business, I just knew that I wouldn't personally reward them with my business and that was good enough for me.

So I ask again -
Have you ever sworn off a business or a product in the past because of a bad experience or poor customer service?

I tend to keep my promises on such matters. Also on my short Black List is the so-called Farmer's Market in downtown Flint, but I've already told that story.

In fact, I have only been to downtown Flint twice (unavoidable) since early 2010 when I was terminated from that failed ^&*&ing GARBAGE newspaper.

One exception might be my backing off from a promise to stop going to Target after that whole bathroom confusion thing. However, it's just too convenient from my place of work when I need a can of mixed nuts (no pun intended - this is really why I go there).

Which brings us to the so-called actor Johnny Depp and his recent threat against President Trump.

"When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? I want to clarify: I'm not an actor. I lie for a living, however, it's been a while. Maybe it's about time."

Mr. Depp, I agree. You are no actor, and therefore you have made my list. Although, I must say - this isn't a huge sacrifice as you are closer to "New Coke". As I scan you body of work on IMBD, I am hard pressed to find more than a couple of movies any good. So, no big loss.

Hey, 'Blade, you are such a hypocrite! The majority of Hollywood and the music industry are libs and you still watch their movies and listen to their music!

Yes, but its MY list, and I can put any 'thing' or any 'body' on it I want. Besides, Depp distinguished himself much like that red-haired biotch Kathy Griffin. They have crossed the line for those of us desiring to live in a civil society.

In all honesty, I did like that first Pirates movie, but could never watch any of the others in their muddled and confused entiriety. Also, his portrayal of Jack Sparrow as a gay pirate wore thin quickly with me. Seriously, the effeminate bandana and black eyeliner, braided wispy goatee and dreadlocks riddled with wooden pandora beads...

Pirate?  That's no pirate. More like 'Pyrite,' or fool's gold. More like a pitch man for Target.


  1. We got Famous Dave's delivered to work a few times.
    Scherie and I went twice and each time the manager apologized for the poor food (he agreed the ribs were tough).
    No oath, just no interest.
    I liked The Accidental Tourist.
    Depp almost ruined "Chocolat" for me.
    I totally agree about "Pirates".

  2. Attendant at a local gas station called my wife a 'stupid c*unt" because she was having difficulty gassing her new car (this was 2005). I spoke to the owner about this, he said "bummer". We never went back. Told friends and neighbors about this; they never went back.

    Owner was forced to sell a couple years ago because his customers stopped coming.


    New station owner is very nice and the station is doing very well, thank you.

    Treat customers like an inconvenience and they will accommodate your wishes to be left alone.

  3. Have I. Yes and still do. I can find alternatives. I also support those who stand tall. Chick Fil-A. The only thing I would prefer not to support but still use is Amazon.

    It is honestly amazing how stupid with a capitol F these celebrity idiots are. As soon as you take a political position, especially one as retarded as Depp, katty, and gweneth you have lost 50% of your paying fans. How retarded is that. So keep talking you morons and I'll keep laughing (exclude katty shittith and the like) at you.

  4. Ed, I hear ya. We will gravitate to good experiences and away from the tough ribs. I don't think I've ever sent anything back and I never give the servers a hard time. I am usually easy to please, and go out rarely enough that I'm never in a hurry anyways. I usually tip 20%, but will downgrade to 15% if ticked off. That'll learn 'em! But then I won't go back again. I didn't see Depp's Chocolate movie, but loved Wilder in the role. Depp seems to always play the same gender-confused character in every role. Seen one, you've seen them all.

    Larry, Welcome to the Chattering Teeth bunker. I rarely get new visitors and glad you've made it to the bunker's sanctuary - Just hope you've read the sidebar recommendations and the helmet is strapped tight. Glad the old gas station attendant got what was coming to him. Word spreads fast. I never told family and friends to quit their subscriptions to the local rag after the way I was treated, but a few told me they did so just the same. I read the Journal every day from the time I was 11-yrs-old until my last day in Feb, 2010 (almost a 40 year habit). The couple of papers I have glanced at in the supermarket aisles since then remind me I'm not missing a thing. Them ruthless Newhouse 'turds sure know how to burn down a house, and I have no doubt they had it in for me ever since this. Bummer, indeed!

    Kid, I agree with the Amazon thing. Sadly, there is no Chick Fil-A nearby (as far as I am aware.) And has anyone ever laughed at 'kathy shittith'? I did laugh at your comment, however.

  5. You will be glad to know that I recently cancelled my subscription to the Flint Urinal. They are worthless!

  6. I wrote the above before I read the post. There was a lot to digest, but here goes. I haven't been to Target since the gender bathroom stuff happened, but then again, I hate shopping. I guess I'm not a "real" woman so maybe I should reconsider their transgender bathroom thing... just kidding.

    During my college years I worked at a Red Lobster restaurant. I started as a busperson (yes, it's a word) and was promoted to a hostess because I refused to be a server. My job hinged on greeting people and asking them, "how many will there be in your party," and I wish I had a dollar for all the jackholes that would point to their girlfriend and himself and say, "one...two," like duh, I was an idiot that couldn't figure that out. It was a job, I did it well, because it was my job.

    When it comes to Hollyweird people, they should also recognize that entertaining and making movies or shows on TV is their job. It's not their job to run their mouths in diarrheatic fashion regarding politics. Depp is hardly alone in that group. My advice to all of them is to just shut your mouth and do your job... your work might look better in the eyes of the public.

  7. Bob, Welcome, and pull up a stump! Chattering Teeth provides all the news you need to know... well, maybe not. But hopefully an occasional diversion. It is sad to me to see what has become of the once great Genesee County flagship newspaper. You should have seen the newsroom back in the day and the hustle and bustle of reporters and editors and photographers.... Or the ink stained press hall in the old building's basement, with teams of pressmen checking registration and making adjustments to those giant steel gray elephants. And the Advertising Dept that took up an entire floor. Or the Circulation, Accounting and Classified Ad departments on the main, with the sprawling mailroom attached. All gone, as well as any real news. Just another propaganda newsletter.

    cube, The Edsel? Is that a Depp movie or just another boondoggle? Aren't they still driving those in Cuba?

  8. They drive every other old car in Cuba, why not the Edsel?

  9. cube, i just read the above (missed it before) So YOU ARE THE REASON for my Red Lobster ban! I KNEW IT!

    I was traveling for business and walked in alone and you asked me, "how many will there be in your party," and I said "just me, duh!" and you seated me but kept coming back to taunt me and saying things like, "you call this a party?" and "Two wrongs don't make a right, take your parents as an example." "when your mom dropped you off at school did she get fined for littering?" Finally, I had enough and tipped you just 15% and stormed off.

  10. Nice try, but you didn't leave a tip ;) What's funny is that I haven't been back to a Red Lobster since I quit about 30 years ago. My reason is that all their food is frozen, including the baked potatoes! Fresh catch of the day was an inside joke. It meant that was the frozen fish that they had the most of and had to push.

  11. Suffice it to say I never had a good experience at Red Lobster. The lobster they serve are baby crayfish. We went the last time for an all you can eat shrimp. Some of the shrimp was very good but they bring you 20 small shrimp that you eat in 2 minutes, then wait 20 minutes to get a new plate full. About the worst dining experience I've had this side of Golden Buffet. Wife loves it and I will Never go back there. Ever.