Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

Feeling nostalgic and missing my dad. Was going through old photos on the computer this morning and not intending to post anything, but ran across the following and it's too good not to share. I only wish it included my big sister (2nd in the birth order) and mom.

(See if you can spot your blog host in his 'yute'... 1967-ish?)
 Clue: Think "Lloyd Christmas" in Dumb and Dumber. Go ahead. Take your shots people :)

Lost my dad in early 1990, shortly after losing my baby brother sporting the PEANUTS sweatshirt. Miss them both but hope to see them again.

Need to get ready for noon Mass. My 2-month-old baby granddaughter is getting baptized today!! God is good!... ALL THE TIME.


  1. God is very good.

    And the photo is endearing.

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  3. Based on your hints, I'm going to go with the fellow in the green shirt. You Dad looks like a fun guy. Ours was. He never said it but it's pretty clear now that one of his mottos was that negative energy is wasted energy. I hope I see them all again too.

  4. Nope, the goofier haorcut and missing front teeth in the gray. My brother Greg in the green is a very funny man though. Way funnier than me. As for my dad, he was a homicide detective in flint. Tough dude nut a softy with his kids. My mom was the disciplinarian. I like your dad's motto. Haven't always been successful following that sage advice,

  5. Like Dad, I also have the ability to shed the negative stuff pretty quickly. I remember many times when some tear jerker show would come on TV, he'd say, yea, this looks like a real screamer and find something else. Guess he had a lifetime of grief walking Italy, France, Germany during WWII.

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  7. What a handsome family. Hope you enjoyed your Father's Day.

    Congrats on your baby granddaughter's big day.