Tuesday, June 6, 2017

London's Muslim Mayor Lowers Threat Level to "Lady Londonderry”

Today's Top Story around the water cooler at the Chattering Teeth Bunker, Bar, Spa & Target Range:
The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, (Peace be unto him) demands the British government issue a travel ban against Donald Trump for his mean tweets.

We may never know their motives.

First, I admit to not realizing London's “pathetic excuse” mayor was a muslim. What? Was he educated in his youth at an Indonesian Madrassa, I wonder?

I also had no idea the British threat Level scale used various British Teas to keep their unarmed citizenry sufficiently limp and languid. I had always assumed it was based on crumpets and scones, but no sense getting the works all stopped up.

 As the Moozlim London mayor, Sadiq Khan (Peace be unto him), says... “no reason to be alarmed!”

People of Britainistan,
We here at Chattering Teeth are with you, and we pray for the victims and their families at the hands of those Islamo-goat fu*&ers. It is your apologist government we have issue with. Unlike France AND french people, we like you, the British people. You gave us The Beatles... Monty Python and Bennie Hill... probably some other stuff too.  We're cousins, after all. We got yer back.

now for our seeing-impaired readers.
British threat Level scale

English Evening
A flavorful blend, light and brightly colored evening tea

Earl Grey
Queen’s favorite - silvertip Ceylon & the oil of Bergamot

Scottish Breakfast
Malty taste with a full bodied character and hints of oak

Lady Londonderry
Good flowery, malty cup with hints of strawberry and lemon

Queen Elizabeth
Floral notes, lovely by itself or with added milk & sugar


  1. Oh, you mean little Sadiq, the islamopologist? Pretty soon the threat level will be Knickers at ankle level.

  2. sadiq kahn tried to hug me.

  3. I had to prove I wasn't a goat.

  4. As long as Leonardo DeCaprio is making millions - it's ok for a movie he's working on to completely obliterate an ecosystem. There is no "Global Warming" threat. If there were, Al Gore wouldn't own 5 homes and skip around the planet in a private jet. If there were, Leonardo DeCaprio wouldn't destroy entire ecosystems for his movies. If there were, Barack Insane Obama wouldn't fly on a private jet to give a speech about eating less steaks when he could have saved the environment by giving the speech via Skype.