Thursday, June 29, 2017


(CNN) - Unnamed and anonymous sources are telling CNN reporters that waffle batter, maple syrup and butter are likely underneath the Yellowstone volcano, and if it blows, it would cover the entire United States in deliciousness. The source of the hotspot is now thought to be a gigantic waffle iron.

The Yellowstone volcano has exploded in the past, and CNN scientist reporters now say that the high-fat breakfast waffles likely killed the dinosaurs from arteriosclerosis and heart disease.

NEXT WEEK: Large Donut Asteroid Hurtling Toward Planet


  1. Thank you for giving light to this very fake news. Too bad I don't eat pancakes.

  2. That's nice artwork. It reminds me of my junior high sex education class.

  3. This could lead to global warming!

  4. You forgot to mention how we are about to be taxed back to the stoneage over this fake news.
    Good one Biff !

  5. cube - pancakes? No, no, no! You're thinking of Mount St. Helens.

    Biff (any relation to Bill? :) As for the 40 mile wide caldera reminding you of sex ed classes, did you go to school with Sandra Fluke?

    Ed, I like my Global Warming over medium with white toast and side of bacon. I'm sticking with the breakfast theme for good or ill.

    Kid, We need to subsidize the progressive machine by taking from all those evil rich people.

  6. Sandra Fluke-that's some funny stuff right there, I'm gonna have to tell my brother Buck about this place.

  7. I think I'm on to this Grumber clan. Good try tho.