Friday, February 28, 2020

The Wreck of The Bomokandi Bertha

No sooner is Bob Chapek named to replace Bob Iger as the new Disney CEO, a Jungle Cruise boat sinks at Walt Disney World.  Coincidence or villain? You be the judge.

The Wreck of The Bomokandi Bertha

 The legend lives on from Adventureland on down
At the flagship theme park that's called Magic Kingdom
The Jungle Cruise, it is said, never gives up her dead
When the wait times in the Standby turns gloomy
With a load from shore with twenty-six guests more
Than The Bomokandi Bertha weighed empty
That good ship and crew was a bone to be chewed
On Bob Chapek's first day as CEO for Disney

 The ship was the pride for this water slow ride
A witty Skipper in a canopied tramp steamer
"Everyone, turn around and wave goodbye to the folks
 back on the dock... they may never see you again"
The passengers set sail that day
For a 10-minute tour, a 10-minute tour.

 The weather never did get rough,
But the tiny ship was tossed,
If not for the waters being surprisingly shallow
The Bomokandi Bertha would be lost,
the Bomokandi Bertha would be lost.

When the time came, the skipper joked on deck sayin'
I get paid to wisecrack and the number I take out
not the number of passengers I bring back
Seven minutes in, he had water comin' in
His safari costume shoes was in peril
At 12:30 P.M., the boat bottomed out
Came the wreck of the Bomokandi Bertha

 Does any one know where the love of Mickey goes
When the incident caused an interruption of 105 minutes?
The Cast Members all say they'd have made Seven Seas Lagoon
If they'd put the mechanical elephants behind 'er
They didn't split up nor did they capsize
They only took on a foot and a half of water
And all that remains is the smiling faces and the names
Of the wives and the sons and the daughters

 So join us here each visit my friend
You won't even get a bruise
But maybe a boat load of stranded castaways
Here on the Jungle Cruise!

OK, a little rough in spots with my mashup between Gordon Lightfoot's The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and the Gilligan's Island theme song. This still is my favorite ride (or at least one of them). When we went to the Magic Kingdom last May, my daughter-in-law wouldn't let me ride it because it didn't "fit into our schedule." (it is a running joke between us, but seriously - the scars have not healed!) My brother said that his daughter likewise never  lets him ride this. So on our group chat of family to plan this fall's trip, the subject of this Jungle Cruise incident came up and my niece tried to take credit for us not getting shipwrecked.  LOL


  1. It turned out that way... I wonder if the skipper kept cracking dad jokes while everyone waited to be rescued. Man I would have loved to be on that thing!