Saturday, September 12, 2020

Were Mueller’s team phones wiped with a cloth?

 It would take a criminal mastermind with experience in covering their own electronic tracks in order to coordinate the wiping of Mueller’s team phones. 

Who could have done this?


  1. agreed. this is in-your-face soviet-style spy infiltration at the highest offices in the intelligence alphabet agencies. A firing squad would be more applicable here.

  2. Oh, you guys ... you’re always trying to pin stuff on Kid’s squeeze, HRC, and even though I do think that she qualifies as the evilest woman to walk the planet, she’s wayyyyy too clever.

    Remember the Al Capone story? So, the FBI spent a gazillion hours trying to nab Capone, who was up to some awful stuff: murder, mayhem, goolies, beasties, prostitution, gambling, and stuff that goes bang in the night. And he did this for years. Heck, I even remember seeing him bash some guy’s brains out at the dinner table. Wait, no that was Bobbi (Blubber Boy) Di Nero. But anyway, Capone never went down from stellar FBI work. He went down because his accountant ratted him out.

    Which brings me to the DOJ Investigation being conducted by a judge who looks like one of the Smith Brothers (the cough drop guys). He’s been at this for a while now and all we hear is chirping. You want a piece of Hillary? Well, do ya? All you really need is one of the Clinton accountants to barf up what he or she knows about the Clinton Cartel LLC and maybe the testimony from some guy working for FedEx or UPS who will testify that he delivered a large box of what felt like used cell phones to the Clinton residence in Chappaqua.

    We don’t care about trials and stuff. We just need to send Clint Eastwood over there in his 1968 Ford Torino to see if HRC feels lucky. Why not send in the FBI you ask? Because the FBI doesn’t know where Chappaqua is ... that’s why. And for the record, I’m not really Mustang; I’m just a teenager from Newark that hacked into his Google Account.

  3. I was very impressed with this winning strategy to finally coral the Hildebeast with the same winning strategy that Mitch McDeere used to outwit Wiford Brimley and Hal Holbrook. Young man, you have done a great service to this country by pointing us to this road map. Now give the nice man Mr Mustang back his account and go mow the lawn.