Sunday, August 24, 2008

Domeward Bound

The DaBlades are on the road today to Southbend, Indiana. We will be depositing our "Number one son" there, along with his wordly possessions (95% of which appears to be electronic game systems, the games themselves, and a t.v. to plug 'em into). He will be startin' his Sophomore year of that fancy book learnin' I'm told they do there.

Go Irish! (please no football insults :)

My oft' forgotten middle son will soon be starting his Junior year at Flint Powers Catholic, where he will be continuing his pursuits in hockey, lacrosse, girls, and fancy book learnin'. The youngin of my three sons will be entering the 8th grade at Saint John Vianney, where he will be adding football this year to his repertoire of hockey, lacrosse, electric guitar, girls(?), and fancy book learnin'.

I sure am glad we moved to Davison so that we could fully enjoy the 20 minute commutes at $4/gallon.

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