Monday, August 4, 2008

Pelosi's Punks would be a good name for a rock band

House Republicans are expected to continue their revolt today, calling for Pelosi and her punks to return from vacation for a special session on gas prices. Raise those lighters people! We taxpayers have purchased our tickets (at scalper rates, I might add) and demand a full show! Bring them donkeys back on stage!

Pelosi and the Punks will not return to the stage and the roadies have already unplugged the democrat guitars. I'm sure Pelosi would rather follow China's example on how to treat those with the nerve to defy her.

Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on 'FOX News Sunday' and had this advice to Barack: "Pick up the phone":
"We're out of session — we're out of business — on energy when we should be in session doing the American people's business. Pick up the phone and tell Nancy Pelosi, who says offshore drilling is a hoax, Harry Reid, who says drilling is a red herring — call the Congress back in session.

Let's have a debate and start voting on issues that matter to the American people."

Of course you realize, Senator Graham, that this plea to Obama has fallen on very large, deaf ears. He is too busy running around acting like he's the "embodiment of America" and "living off (his) celebrity, not ideas."


  1. What do we want: OIL!!! When do we want it: NOW!!! No drilling-No peace!!! I'm taking it to the streets,my Brothers and Sisters!!

  2. The power of Obama compels you!!!
    The power of Obama compels you!!!
    The power of Obama compels you!!!