Saturday, August 2, 2008

Moore and Less

It's the weekend! Time to fully engage my internet addiction and catch up on some of my favorite blogs. My new S&M Barbie has been giving me the silent treatment lately. Two can play at that game.

MONKEYDARTS tells movie buffs to mark those calendars for October 3rd, the release date of the next Zucker film - An American Carol. According to 'Darts rundown, the movie plot is about Michael Malone,
...a fat, anti-American, propaganda filmmaker in a baseball cap. Said crockumentarian (Kevin Farley) is on a campaign to abolish Independence Day and is visited by three ghosts who show him the true meaning of America. Zucker co-wrote the screenplay and directed a huge cast that includes Kelsey Grammer (pictured above with Farley on the set), Leslie Nielsen, Dennis Hopper, James Woods, Robert Davi, and Jon Voight. Our old buddy Trace Adkins plays one of the spirits.
Thanks for the heads up on this 'Darts. This looks like good escapism fiction. I mean, c'mon! The premise that a slovenly anti-American film hack celebretard would even have any kind of fan base is a little bit of a stretch, 'dontcha' think?

Now to Politico and "Her highness" Nancy Pelosi banging the gavel and adjourning the House, refusing to schedule a vote on offshore drilling. She had a puny little 5-week vacation to get to, damn it, and she was not going to let the bitter clingers stop her. So she "turned off the lights and killed the microphones." Republicans were not yet out of gas, though, talking about gas. They were working the room, standing on chairs, and immitating democrats. Sounds to me like the Republicans were having a good 'ol fashioned tailgate party!

RightWingSparkle asks, "Are Republicans getting their MoJo back?" in response to the Pelosi revolt. She writes:
I just heard that the House G.O.P. wrapped up their protest session at 5:05 by singing "God Bless America" and left the chamber with the crowd chanting, "USA! USA!" Unbelievable.

Of course, democrats were outraged over the USA chant, as it displays a pro-American bias that could be construed as anti-European. And what will Chavez and the rest of the world's socialist dictators and thugs think? After all, the democrats chief concern is to be liked by the rest of the world.

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