Thursday, November 4, 2010

DaBlade: "I am not a Warlock. I'm you!"

DaBlade - The perpetually tanned, sharply tailored, cigar chain-smoking Michigander - returned to "the internets" Wednesday, November 4, 2010, after a lengthy hiatus spent on his mountain retreat while being tended to by robed and mute monks. Almost immediately following the posting of his long anticipated blog yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed to a two-year high.

During a tear-filled address made to an unplugged webcam, DaBlade announced "a new way forward" with his return to the spacious Chatteringteeth offices yesterday.
“This is not a time for celebration, not when one in 10 of our fellow bloggers have writers block. This is a time to roll up our sleeves and start pounding our keyboards. If you're like me, then just remove your sleeves altogether and oil up them biceps for a more intimidating blog performance. My point is, I look forward with determination to take the first steps toward building a better future for our kids and grandkids.”
NOTE: President Obama telephoned DaBlade to tell him he was "looking forward to once again reading Chattering Teeth on (his) teleprompter and learning more from the true master of flowery rhetorical flourish,” according to a White House spokesperson.


  1. welcome back..join the partay!..we took out the trash on Election day..woohoo!!

  2. Not all of it... Reid, Frank, Boxer. Can't believe they survived.


    ( state, CA, which is in debt BILLIONS of dollars, votes in a BIG SPENDING jerk and a big spending jerk governor...And I don't think I know more than five jerks dumb enough to have voted for them! grrrr)
    I'll tell you what: I'm convinced that Whitman (no great shakes herself but at least she's WORKED!) would have won had Brown not put ALlred up to exposing that illegal maid story ONE YEAR after it all went down),
    I also lament that the Marijuana Prop (it went DOWN by the COULD it, you'd have to be on dope to VOTE for these creeps!) did the Conservatives harm...liberals who might not have voted at all wanted to make sure their pot was approved and voted for MOonbeam and Boxer, too..I"m just convinced :-(
    (DB..sorry my comment turned post-size!) :-)
    SO glad you're BACK!

  4. WHT- We sure did take out the trash! I couldn't resist coming back for this.

    Anon- Strange brew. 81-yr-old Democrat Dale Kildee of Flint won his 18th term. Now I love Flint. It is my home. But is there consistently a more economically depressed city than this? But you take your victories where you can get them and move on.

    Z- I know - Boxer and Moonbeam *UGH* on the strength of the stoner vote. I thought of you when those results were rolling in. No shortage of blog fodder in CA anyway, right? BTW, thanks for your "post-sized" comment. Nothing could have given me a more positive start to my day.

  5. Would love to have you over at RightKlik to share your material with my readers. Let me know if you're interested.

  6. Thanks RK, I might be - but are you sure that my drivel isn't an acquired taste? Not sure what you have in mind, and I can't help being suspicious of the kind of person who likes me. Isn't there a Dangerfield joke similar to that somewhere?