Monday, November 15, 2010

I don't really care about this Supreme Court case - I just liked the picture

Now comes the case of the Mexican-born Ruben "the deported drug dealer" versus the United States.

PICTURED: Michelle Obama seems to have taken sides with the defense on this one. (Don't know the artist on this one, but nicely done!)

What is before the Supreme Court is whether or not this foreign-born dope smoker should be allowed to seal his birth records and claim he was born in Hawaii so he can begin his run for the presidency.

OK, not really. He just wants citizenship.

Quick Facts of the case:* Born in Tijuana in 1974 to unwed parents.
* His biological mother is Mexican and his then 16-year-old father is an American citizen.
* Raised by grandma and father in San Diego since he was 2 months old.
* Has been deported six times since then for drugs, only to sneak back across the border each time.
* Now he is claiming the immigration laws discriminate because it gives unwed mothers more rights than fathers.

Different rules for woman? I guess I'm OK with that. I always thought that an American woman's womb was like a U.S. embassy in foreign lands - you know... always considered U.S. soil. I just wish Michelle would keep her hands off her diplomatic pouch.


  1. Funny picture.

    Kind of an interesting case.

    My first thought though is, "where is the father?" Do we know he is a citizen and/or the man's father?

  2. I don't know that the paternity is in question but that's an excellent point. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. suggested the right remedy in this case may be to make it just as hard for unwed mothers to pass on their citizenship to a foreign-born child. "The remedy for an equal protection violation is to treat everybody the same . . . " I'm not used to being on the opposite side of a legal question as Roberts, but I'm OK with woman having a different set of rules because, in part, to your point.