Monday, November 15, 2010

Michelle causes scene at airport


  1. OH MY GOSH! YOu are hilarious!
    I have to admit, I'd consider her touching her HEAD more appropriate as her JUNK :-)
    don't you love the pants dragging on the floor? That's because she had to take her very high-heeled shoes off in a mosque and nobody had told her that in advance (WHAT?)...or maybe they just never LISTEN to their protocol people (i.e. touching the Queen, giving crappy gifts to dignitaries)? Also, when you're visiting tiny little INdonesians, do you WEAR shoes THAT HIGH? Is it a power thing?

  2. lol! DaBlade. Well done.

    Z: Especially coming from a woman who is wookie-sized and usually wears flats! Is it a tin ear or deliberate? Can anybody be that dense time and time again. I'm beginning to suspect the latter.

    RightKlik: Hee hee. So true.

  3. Z, I didn't know that about the dragging pants thingy. At least Barney Frank now knows not to wear his pumps when visiting here.

    RK, not even in a hazmat!

    cube, I imagine large and hairy hobbit feet under those flairs.

  4. Hmmmm, a wookie with hobbit feet.
    Our first lady is such a pop culture icon ;-)